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Thread: How often do you deal with Earthquakes?

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    Default How often do you deal with Earthquakes?

    Ok, I was in my Earth Space Science class learning (and relearning) and taking down notes for a lecture on the lithosphere and earthquake intensities and diferrent types and areas that they occur in, both the country and the world, which gave me the idea to make this poll: How often do you deal with Earthquakes? Who here has experienced or been in an earthquake and deals with them frequently?
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    well i live in CA so we get them frequently, last one i could feel was like a 5.0 i think, about a month ago. i don't really remember the one before that... i guess you just get use to them. only the big ones stand out. me personally i like them, everything's shaking and everyone stops what their doing and looks around hoping their not the only one that felt that. kind of hilarious. course it can be scary when things start to fall, but CA has some pretty good building regulations so that doesn't happen all too often.

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    What's an earthquake?

    Just like a tornado or a hurricane... it's mother nature's way of saying "You shouldn't live here!"

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    I experienced one earthquake (plus the aftershock). There was an earthquake that hit Illinois ( 2008 Illinois earthquake - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ), and I felt it in western Indiana where I was at the time.

    It was pretty bizarre. The quake came early in the morning, while I was still in bed. I'm not sure if it woke me up or I just happened to be awake, but I felt like the whole building was rocking. It wasn't like the shaking kind you see in movies with stuff falling over (I know those really do happen). It was sort of like someone standing at the foot of my bed rocking it forward and back.

    It couldn't have lasted more than like 30 seconds, and afteward I was sure it was imagination, so I just went back to sleep. When I woke up and got out of bed, I had an email waiting from my dad asking if I felt the earthquake. Then I knew it wasn't my imagination . Later that day I felt the aftershock on campus during a meeting.

    It was pretty weak in the overall earthquake spectrum, but it was cool nonetheless. I don't think there were any injuries or property damage in my area as a result. Then I went and filled out a survey for the USGS. All in all, it wasn't a bad day haha.

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    Like so many others, I grew up in Southern California, where earthquakes are routine.

    The first major quake I remember was "Sylmar" in February 1971. My family was at home in Bellflower, a city just south of Los Angeles. All us kids were still asleep when the quake started before dawn. I was only 6 and did not wake up until the shaking was over. Although that was a large quake, the epicenter was about 30 miles north of us. There was hardly any damage to our home or neighborhood, but in other places there was destruction.

    By coincidence I was on assignment in San Francisco during a big quake. The World Series was being played there and was delayed a week. We all felt that shaking in the office building.

    By another lucky coincidence I had taken a red-eye flight to NYC a few hours before the "Northridge" Earthquake of January 1994. That epicenter was less than a mile from my former apartment. Friends were injured. Later I saw pictures of that building squished badly. Lucky for us Don and I owned a home in Pasadena which was not damaged in any way.

    About a month ago there was a 5.0 or so quake. Don and I felt it, but it did no damage to our house and was not very destructive elsewhere. My folks still live in the same house in Bellflower, which was closer to the epicenter. Lucky that quake was especially deep.

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    None of us in the San Francisco Bay area at that time can ever forget the Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989 that happened during the World Series at Candlestick Park. Oh my lord that was a really big one...scared the heck outta me when it happened after work...

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    The only earthquake we ever had in my part of the country happened when I was like 13 or 14...and right at the time it happened, my family was away on vacation in Italy. So I've never been in one.


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    A few years ago we had a very small earthquake close to us. Unfortunately, it was so small we didn't feel a thing.

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    I never expe... freaking damn it.

    Damn California fault lines!

    Also every place on earth seems to has it's own natural disasters. California has earthquakes (not very big ones most of the time) and fires. The midwest has tornadoes, the gulf coast/eastern seaboard has hurricanes. The mountain areas have blizzards the desert's have flash floods and incredibly hot summers. Oregon has landslides and Washington has constant rain. Alaska has it's share of problems even without big events, Hawaii is a freaking ACTIVE volcano.

    So by darkfinn's standards. Were all doomed. :P

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