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Thread: I'm a *B/DL from Puerto Rico and I just joined.

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    Default I'm a *B/DL from Puerto Rico and I just joined.

    Been an infantilist and DL for about 4 years now. I'm 18 live in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico (wonder if there is anyone else from PR here) anyways I'm currently with my beautiful GF who is also a *BDL and I joined because I heard from another site So yeah I'm also a moderator in a guild about infantlism on so yeah Hi?

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    Welcome. Does your gf intend to join us here too?

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    Dunno. It's up to her... probably if I turn her on to it. She is in the infantilist guild on gaia... and since she's moving out on her own she's got more freedom. So yeah probably.

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    Welcome to the forums. I play quite a few online rpgs and such but never gaiaonline. Does your GF intend on joining here?

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    Gaia is more of a community.... Guilds are like messageboards that users can create. So yeah it's also got a MMO component. Check it out if you'd like... and I replied to that before in my other post. I can't really answer that. Hopefully she will join.

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    Welcome to the forums. You are very lucky to have a girlfriend with the same intrest for diapers. May I ask where Puerto Rico is? :P

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    Bienvenidos! I am of Puerto Rican descent but have lived all my life in the US. Hope that this site can bring you valuable information about the lifestyle of *b/dlism/

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    I was in San Juan and thereabouts on a short vacation as a kid. Enjoyed it.

    Welcome to here.

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    I lived in Fajardo for a number of years. Where are you? It's a beautiful island, and there is no snow. Being in the tropics is it's own reward.

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