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Thread: Flaws and Positives

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    Default Flaws and Positives

    What are your flaws and positives and have they influenced your life for the better or worse?

    Name: Diaperedteenager

    Positive: Entrepreneurial
    Positve: Hardworking
    Positive: Scholary

    Flaw: Pompus
    Flaw: Cheapskate
    Flaw: Shy

    IMO the positives have given me the ability to find markets and expose them to make me richer. Scholary gave me the ability to be considered one of the most brilliant history minds in my school.

    My flaws have not worked for the better for me. My pompusness has givin me favor with the upper class in my town, but my shyness has drawn away from my ability ot socialize.

    How about all of you?

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    Positive: Laid-back, optimistic, confident, funny

    Flaws: I'm too humble

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    Positive: Intelligent
    Positve: Creative
    Positive: Witty

    Flaw: Lazyness
    Flaw: The inability to take life seriously
    Flaw: Procrastination

    I got a good mind and I love to think, I just can't get motivated to get things done.
    Fine with that really.

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    Positive: Smart
    Positive: Creative
    Positive: Nice

    Flaw: Shy
    Flaw: Procrastinator
    Flaw: Can be blunt

    My positives help in school, but my flaws hurt my social life and make it hard to get work done.

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    Default Flaws and Positives

    Positive: Genuis/Creative/Ingenious - Think outside the box
    Positive: Highly Empathetic - Deeply care about people
    Positive: Humorous/Witty - Can see humor in almost everything

    Flaw: Distracted/Unable to focus - Fail to complete things
    Flaw: Too Howdy-Doody about life - don't take life seriously
    Flaw: Procrastination - I'll explain that later
    Flaw: Authority - pisses me off due to capricious unilateral action

    :bunny:Wow! They didn't have ADD/ADHD when I was in public school, you were either a fuck-up or not. Almost committed suicide and dropped out of High School. Just barely graduated (1.47 GPA).

    Started College with Major in Graphics/ Commercial Art 3.97 GPA after the first year.

    After submitting all of the required competitive scholarship materials to the local (Olympia, Washington) Rotary Club including a paper on why I wanted to pursue Brain Studies in Sweden. I was selected as a national finalist and finally winner and was subsequently offered a four year, full ride Rotary International Scholarship to University of Stockholm (Sweden) 1n 1973. Turned it down because I was sure I would fail. They gave the scholarship to the runner-up.

    Paid my own way to attend Central Washington University instead. Transfered to University with a Major in Special Education (maintained 3.91GPA in major) and completed 230 credits by time I got BA in Education.

    Shot myself in the foot though because I took every graduate class in my major read: Masters Degree before I was awarded BA. Scored over the top in my Millers Analogies Test, CBEST and GRE. (Finished the GRE with only 2 hours sleep). Special Education Department head wanted me to be youngest PhD in Department (27 years) and teaching at the University.

    My church wanted me to pastor a Church in Hood River. Never got my PhD. Lead worship. Wrote music. Learned to play numerous instruments. Built several guitars, mandolins and basses. Restored and remodeled houses. Did gorgeous custom tile work. Collected guns (sold them all) then collected musical instruments. Some of you saw a partial list of my collection (still have and play all of them). Lived long enough to hold my first Granddaughter and first Grandson.

    Bounced around from Teaching, Mental Health, Social Work and Human Services for my 32 year career. Had on going issues with the IRS. Never went to jail or was involved in a law suit (except my divorce). Only managed to accrue 10 years total retirement contributions. Went for 7 years with no insurance, no benefits (until this year, 2009).

    Everything I inherited from my parents early death was lost to my ex in my ugly divorce. But am I bitter? Am I Bitter? Of course not -because I'm Howdy Doody and I'm still alive and all that jazz!

    I bought a truck in 2002, still haven't transfered the title. So many fricking details to life. Will probably get around to that when I'm ready to sell it.

    Take a long look young-uns, you don't want to end up like ol' DR. The best thing I got going is I finally found my soul mate - my doe bunny and that has made all the difference. Five wonderful years so far!:bunny:

    P.S. Eliminate the Negative. Accentuate the Positive. Don't Mess with Mr. In-between, No don't mess with Mr. In-between!

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    Positive: Great Actor
    Positive: great at strategy I guess

    Flaws: everything else, the only reason why I seem like the smartest one in all of my classes is because I go to a special Ed school. I'm weird, the kind of person most people probably think of at first sight is someone they never wanna hang with.

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    Hmm I've thought for a while what I would say. I can't really come up with anything.

    I'm not perfect but allot of my flaws also tap into my positives.

    But my biggest flaw is my spelling

    My biggest positives: I'm able to see things most people miss, or think I dont see. I can read people very easly

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    Positive: Artistic
    Positive: Smart

    Flaw: painfully shy
    Flaw: addictive personality
    Flaw: far too blunt
    Flaw: way too innocent for my age
    Flaw: lacking any real social skill
    Flaw: obsessive

    A lot of it is related to my Aspergers but still.

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