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Thread: Diaper Choices in Ontario

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    Default Diaper Choices in Ontario

    This is pretty much directed at Ontarioians or Ontarians or whatever you wish to be called.

    I've been in Toronto for a few weeks now and my stash has pretty much disappeared. Don't know what happened, but maybe when you use something there's less of that something left to use. Who honestly knows.

    My question pertains to what brands are available around here, and well if it's different from Quebec. I know I could get Tenas and Depend products anywhere but should I look around for Attends or anything of moderately better quality around here. I'm getting desperate for something better than Max Fitted Protection.

    Please and thank you in advance.

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    In my city, Hamilton, we have the following:

    Depends Max, Tena Super, Tranquility ATNs, and Attends. The latter two are hard to find, you can only generally find them in a ShoppersDrugMart Home Healthcare (store for elders and disabled people and their care providers).

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    For what it's worth, my tiny town has Depends, Tena, Life, and some more assorted no name brands that all suck. You'r best bet is probably Tena, as I've been tied all these differednt brands and Tena is definately the best.

    Course, I live in the largely forgotten and rural northern part of ontario, far away from Toronto, so you probably have a much larger selection down there.

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    I just tried the ATN's and they SUCK. Tena is way way better. I've used both ultras and supers. Ultras are better bang for your buck, but the supers are nice and thick B4NS is a QC based company so shipping is very u can order the high end stuff from them (will get bambinos and x-pluses soon!). I get my tena's from shoppers home health.

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    In Toronto we have pretty much everything. At most shoppers the best you get is depends or tena but at some smaller ones you get a larger selection (or a different varity). I that that a lot of Main Drug Marts around the city carry a different ones varity. I've never purchased from them cause I use mainly pull-ups so I hope that helps.

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