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Thread: My AB summer

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    Default My AB summer

    Well, this summer Im alone at home (yes, all the summer) and Im going to realize my ABDL desires. Because of that, I have many questions for make my "plan of action" during this summer and I want your help.

    This is that I have for now:

    1- Im going to stay 24/7 in diapers. Firstly, only for pee, but Im going slowly to be used to poop in they.
    OBJECTIVE: Use diapers 24/7 for peeing and pooping.

    2- Im going to use a paci all time I can and when I dont have a one with me Im going to suck my thumb. (Also, I want to buy a Nuk 5, any remarcable experience or tip with it?).
    OBJECTIVE: Develop an oral fixation and dependence for suck something.

    3- Im going to drink all in a bottle and eat baby food.

    Do you have any idea for do this better. Also, do you have any tip about?

    Sorry for my bad english

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    The diaper objective is good and well... enjoy that.

    Using a paci too often can ruin your teeth... be careful with that.

    Bottle is cool, but frustrating to use for a teen/adult.

    Baby food is disgusting... stick with real food.

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    I may be completely wrong, so please correct me if thats the case, but a diet of just baby food could be unhealthy.

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    I think this is a stupid idea. Sorry for being so blunt but don't push yourself into something and be careful.

    1. I see nothing wrong with the diapers as it will take more then a summer to effect your control.

    2. If your always sucking on something you will find that you teeth will start to hurt so you might want to limit that.

    3. You could try eating baby food but your probly not going to like it. Also your body needs more then that. It has all of the vitamines that a baby needs but as someone in their teens/early 20s you body will need alot more then what baby food offers.

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    Aside from the 24/7 in and using diapers thing (which, I'll admit is a bit excessive for me) the rest doesn't seem worth it. I think you're going to get easily annoyed and bored of the pacifier and baby food and will probably change your mind.

    Don't try changing your lifestyle all at once. You'll find it too much and you'll give up on it.

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    I think you should see how it goes, you might get bored with the whole 24/7 thing, so i would see how it goes, when i wear for days on end i try to have some time out from diapers even for just a few hours, it will help you skin breathe as well.

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    Wow what a mixture of comments about your plans

    Baby food, I've heard many of people who eat baby food all the time as a way of loosing weight, or otherwise. Don't be scared off by what people are saying here. The other option would be to take the food you normally eat as a TB, consider pureeing that to the consistency of what baby food is. That would work out too.

    I recommend this as many young parents with babies are doing this for their young ones as they are so afraid of what is provided in baby foods now and they can assure it's good food they are feeding their babies. Granted there is not as much spices added than the food we eat as teens/adults. So consider doing that.

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    I think only eating baby food would be incredibly unhealthy. It's ok for a while, but for a whole summer will mean you're not getting the right amounts of vitamins and nutrients you need.

    I'd recommend hunting out a blender of food processor, and putting your normal food in there, like dprdinky said. It's a really good idea, and what I do when I'm having a bad time with my throat (so I can't eat solids), and I can assure you, it looks and feels just like babyfood.

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    Like other people have said most of this seems like a bad idea. The going 24/7 diapered thats fine. But trust me you don't want to develop an oral fixation. I have developed one in the last few weeks and it's annoying most of the time. At work at home always wanting something to suck on is a major hassle.

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    Totally....I am really missing sucking on my DS stylus...oh hush like no one else here does it ....

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