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    Red face A Question

    Hi guys!

    I have a quick question for you.

    I am looking to buy my next batch of diapers from a medical supplies store and was wondering if any of you made up an excuse like they're for your Gran or something or did you just act like they are for your pleasure? Also, I've never been inside one before so I wanted to know what they generally sell in them and where the diapers are usually compared to other items? Finally, what kind of choice do they usually have in there?

    I know not all medical supply stores are the same but i'm asking these questions to try and get some general answers to calm me down a bit because I usually get quite nervous when I go and get some diapers.

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    I just act like I am buying diapers. They don't care why the hell your buying diapers, just that your buying from them.

    Anyways in most medical shops you will find disposable adult diapers, though they might have better brands then say a place like Wal-greens or rite aid.

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    I've bought nappies from two medical supply stores, on two seperate ocassion. One time I got it pretty wrong, second time it couldn't have been smoother.

    I'll give you some pointers, then tell you what my experience was like so you know why I say these things.

    1. Know what size you will need. This is usually measured in centimetres (rather than inches) and often is hip size (rather than waist size). For example, the medium Kendall Lille nappies I bought are for <130cm. (Less than 130cm)

    2. Be sure have enough cash or another means to pay up to approx. 15-20.

    3. Don't think you have to give any story. As Fire2box puts it so well, go in as though you are buying diapers. If they ask you whether you need any help, smile and politely say, 'No, I'm fine thanks', or you will be asked further questions and be led into spinning an elaborate lie. Certainly don't expect them to understand that you might be buying them for your own pleasure.

    4. Be aware that the pack will be as big as carrying a brief-case (haha, pun!) so it's not going to fit into a backpack. If they give you a plastic bag, you could turn this inside out to hide any give-away store name.

    5. It won't be hard to find the nappies. Those stores aren't huge and they will be clear to see. Take your time so that you buy what you actually want. They will also sell large pads (without sides and tapes) which may look similar at a glance, in a nervous hurry. Don't make it a wasted effort!

    6. Take a look at the Kendall Lille website and Attends or Tena, because that's what they are likely (though not guaranteed) to sell and you could work out what you want before hand.

    Buying from a medical supply store - How not to do it.

    Go into store and become mesmerised by the presence of something you've been wanting for ages, then start to ponder the difference between 'Super-Plus' and 'Maxi' for so long that the staff ask if you need help. Make the nervousness in your voice obvious as you blurt out 'I don't know the difference between Maxi and Super-Plus!'. Play dumb so they ask you questions, such as 'Are they for you or someone else?' and 'So the problem is incontinence obviously?' Tell them it's for an elderly relative but have no idea what size to buy, so they ask what what sort of height and build this relative is, then say she's kind of average height and go on to describe your own build! (I said I might get 'Large' and she could always do them up tight. He joked we could compare to people on the street! He told me to go for medium, and I agreed.) Then as a result of your story, get asked if you would like to sign up your relative up to get VAT off the price, if it is a long-term condition. Panic inside and say, 'Ah it's ok, this is probably a one off just to boost the supplies, she's not gonna be around much longer. (And then look anything but sad about you dying relative!) Then top it off by carrying an exposed pack home on 2 buses and 2 trains without a carrier bag, whilst trying to work out on your phone calculator whether the recommended Medium will really fit you. Thankfully they fitted perfectly and I treasured that pack of 20 Kendall Lille Supreme Fit!! I still wonder if he saw though my lies and gave me a size he thought would fit me! Was it worth it? For me, yes!

    Buying from a medical supply store - while still appearing sane...

    Entered (different store), cashier greeted me and asked if I needed any help. I smiled and said politely, 'That's ok thankyou, I know what to look for.' I walked calmly to the nappies and looked at the details on the packets. I asked if there were any 'Maxi' ones available. (I needn't have done that though). I said, 'They're the ones we usually get, but Regular Plus will do just fine too.' I knew my size, I took a pack of that size and once again read the pack to check it was indeed what I was after. I then casually took it to the counter and made polite smalltalk as I paid. Then I said, 'Thanks, see ya' as I calmly left. No problem. I tend to say 'we' instead of 'I' because I feel more comfortable as though I am taking my turn in running an errand. But I don't know, it's a small detail.

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    As for an excuse, I used to approach the register and say, "If these aren't what I'm supposed to get, may I return them?"

    I don't do that anymore. I just buy them.

    Be aware, however, that in a medical supply store, you may not be able to browse.

    Unless they are busy with many customers, they will greet you, ask you what they can do for you, and then they will want to help you locate the things you need.

    It will take guts to say that you just want to browse the diaper section.

    Good luck.

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    Great advice so far, the only thing I would add is that a medical supply store is a great place to purchase plastic pants.

    Stores in the US often carry Salk Sani-pants. I usually buy all they have in my size during a visit. Because of computerized inventory/ordering this usually assures they will have plenty next time I come back (in 6 months or so). I'm to the age now that it's pretty obvious that I am buying for myself and not necessarily for recreation or pleasure, so if they offered any membership or repeat customer discount I would certainly sign up.

    (I am glad I've had no prostate or testicular medical situation that would have caused incontinence. At my age voluntary diaper and plastic pants wearing for recreation or pleasure is better even though I wear them nearly 24/7.

    Hats off to Darkfinn though, the reigning King of 24/7 on ADISC!! All hail Darkfinn, All hail Darkfinn! As I throw packs of Bambinos at his feet in most humble homage!! :bunny:

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    well first time it was guards and i just smiled and the cashier was nice so i told her she was nicer than most and i filled out a cashier greatness thing quickly

    second time was for acctual diapers and me and the cashier didn't really say anything

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    Quote Originally Posted by soren456 View Post
    Unless they are busy with many customers, they will greet you, ask you what they can do for you, and then they will want to help you locate the things you need.
    Yes. I was going to treat it like the usual drugstore run, and when I came up to the store one of the dudes opened the door for me and asked me what I needed before I got one foot in the door. There's a lot more that made it even worse afterward but I'll leave it at that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryan_ View Post
    Yes. I was going to treat it like the usual drugstore run, and when I came up to the store one of the dudes opened the door for me and asked me what I needed before I got one foot in the door. There's a lot more that made it even worse afterward but I'll leave it at that.
    a problem shared is a problem halved

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    edit: oops.

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    Hi guys!
    I have just got an email from my local medical supply shop and have asked for medium maxis. It says they can hold up to 3000ml of liquid but that doesn't mean a lot to me so could someone please convert 3000ml into a useful measurement, say... number of pees?


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