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Thread: Easier shopping the 2nd time

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    Default Easier shopping the 2nd time

    For any1 thats ever wondered this, yes it is easier to go to a store to buy the 2nd time :P
    I went tonight, and was hardely nervous at all...last time i was a wreck, did 4 laps of the store b4 i finally put them in my cart o_O
    Not so this time, only two laps, and there was even a crapload of people (for late night) in the store this time.
    So any1 thats bought them once, and wants to know if its easier...or those too nervous to buy cause they think it might be a damn hassle from the first time to the last, it isnt. At least it wasnt for me

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    Glad it was less stressful this time. I also felt more confident going into a medical supply store for the second time when I could say, 'Yeah, thanks, I know what I'm looking for. Do you have Maxi? We usually buy that one, No? Ok, Regular Plus will do, that's fine...' etc, sounding like I do this all the time!

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    Never been to a medical store, usually go to a pharmacy or a wal mart or something. It didn't become "easy", so to speak, until like the 4th time.
    And even then, its still nerve-wrecking. I wish I had a car, then I'd just go where no one knows my name.

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    it slowly gets easier as you go along, just don't give in what ever you do! It helped me a lot when i chose a different store each time i went out, that way i can get away without getting spotted. 2-3 consecutive visits to a store, then move on. I had the advantage of a car though.

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    yeah having a vehicle does make it easier. I always alternate stores.... or go to the next town over...( much easier)

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    Second time is much easier. Of course the first time everything was going swell until the cashier said "Have fun" as I was walking out with my bag of diapers throughly freaking me out.

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    i get more embarrassed buying condoms than i do diapers. I've bought so many diapers now that i'm very non-chalant about it. just pick em up, bring to the front, ask the cashier if she thinks they'll fit me, pay, and leave.

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    The more you do it, the easier it start to realize that nobody thinks the diapers are for you.

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    I jsut went and picked up some more daiper's, I tryed a new store, They had a off brand called "Depend" it was in some plain white/red bag. An cheap. Well go figure the chasier was a cute looking girl maybe in her mid 20's. So I put them on the counter and paid for them, I was clam and all that then she asked if I wated a bag, I was already feeling like the man, I looked at her and said No, and wished her a nice day lol. then walking out side I relized this store is on main st. and town was busy busy today.

    But yes it does get easier, Just dont forget a bag on the way out...

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