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    Default sleep wells suck

    i went to dolargeniral to get some sleep wells for stuffers in my diaper and they didnt even absorbe. for people who have been to dolar geniraly whats a good brand stuffer or diaper to get there

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    do they sell Depends there?

    the depends "boost" inserts work pretty well as stuffers... though I still think a size 6 or 7 baby diaper would do better.

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    Well I would suggest not buying diapers or anything absorbant at dollar general, unless it is a dollar a pack, which I highly doubt that is the price lol. Go to a grocery store, or pharmacy, much better selection there. For store diapers I suggest depends maximum absorbancy breifs, or goodnites. As for stuffers, I do not think they sell stuffers in most stores, so get some big poise pads if you want a stuffer.

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    If its cheap you're going for, Depends works, store brands general the kind that work for youth bedwetting are blah. Just get cheaper adult diapers or inserts.

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