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Thread: Cop Vs EMT!!!

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    Default Cop Vs EMT!!!

    Ok I dont want the to become a huge debate, So plz keep out there feelings in mind
    but I found some link from youtube

    YouTube - Nowhere To Hide EMT vs Highway Patrol Trooper From Fox news
    YouTube - Oklahoma Highway Patrol fight with EMT Cell phone cam
    YouTube - Full Dash Cam Video of Oklahoma Highway Patrol vs EMT the cops dashboard cam

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    The ambulance did fail to yield to the officer, however I don't really know how different they operate in yielding to each other. Anyways I think the cop should of been called off if the other cops at the scene did not need any help, if that would of happened the whole mess would of been avoided.

    when I was riding in a ambulance just over a year ago now after a car accident, they followed all laws such as speed limits and everything like that.

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    Well judging by the dash cam footage it does appear that the ambulance driver was in the wrong, the officer was driving code 3 and the ambulance was only driving code 1, therefore the ambulance should have yielded. BUT that trooper lost his temper and was way out of line in the way he talked to the paramedic and his driver.

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    I they they both need to get along and learn to work together, They are after all working for the same cause of Public Safety

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    I agree they should have moved over your right, But I think the cop went way over baord in th way he acted. Plus later stoping them while on the way to the hospital, Just seems WAY out of line.

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    Code 1 or 3 ...its still Illegal to interfere with an EMT in the performance of his job...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire_lupine06 View Post
    Code 1 or 3 ...its still Illegal to interfere with an EMT in the performance of his job...
    Pretty sure the same goes for cops then too.

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    Not sure but either way the loser was the patient

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    kinda sad, Im a firefighter and the protocall around here is EMS then Fire then Police ( as far as right of way goes.) unless there is a gun involved then the police has the right of way to secure the scene. what is funny though is that the postal service has right of way overall. but as for the cop Vs. emt. The fight shouldnt have happened. they should have both been professional. and since the cop was running code 3 he should have been able to pass the ambulance.

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    This incident is still under investigation. Meanwhile the cop has been assigned to home duty.

    There is a question about the status of the flashing lights on the ambulance.

    It also appears the police dispatch had not authorized a Code 3 response for that particular police car.

    Here in Los Angeles, CA USA the LAPD have a policy that only one car respond to a given incident Code 3. The others are to obey normal traffic laws. This policy was started following an accident in which two squad cars collided at an intersection because neither could hear the other's siren. To get around the policy some officers would still speed to respond even without lights and sirens. Or, they did not log using their emergency lights.

    Currently LAPD is considering a new policy in which additional cars may run Code 3, so long as dispatch knows none will collide.

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