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Thread: Diaper rash?

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    Default Diaper rash?

    Okay, I think I got a little bit of D-rash like a month ago, but everytime I work (physically) hard at work the rash becomes VERY VERY painful! how can I put a stop to this? will Detsin fix this problem, or should I got to the doctor?

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    No substitute for a Dr's advice if you are concerned. But that aside...

    The friction from your movement while working may be making it worse. Sweat will make friction worse of course. I wonder whether your clothes are rough or loose enough to let them rub a lot?

    Another cause of pain is infection. I don't know Detsin, I think it might not be sold in the UK, but I think I'd use something that is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.

    Then let it get some air (when appropriate!).

    Sounds nasty. I hope it clears up soon.

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    I was using Balmex and had some luck with that. A spot remained so I got a product called Triple Cream and am trying that as we "speak." I use hydrogen peroxide on the rash to help dry it out and kill it. Try that, and give it some time to heal without wearing diapers. Air/lack of heat and moisture will work.

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    Ive had that once, and it isnt pleasent >_>
    had work that day too and im a window washer (lots of sweat and water) *sigh*
    what every1 else suggested in here worked for me, jus try to dry it out, and dont move around too much

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    Also, as I've noticed with shaving rash, the saltiness (or acidity?) of sweat can made broken skin sting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elli View Post
    Also, as I've noticed with shaving rash, the saltiness (or acidity?) of sweat can made broken skin sting.
    this is true, thank god that only happened to me once as well o_O
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    Gold Bond... best cure all for iritated skin i've found... i usually use it at least once a week when diapered to keep any sort of rash at bay... and its cured that stuff up pretty quick when it does occur

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    1st, what kind of rash and where.

    If it's on your rear end, related to prolongued diaper wear, applying zinc cream or Ihle's paste will sooth you.

    Keeping the skin dry and uncovered (un-diapered) as often as possible will also help.

    Those kind of rash can become extremely hitchy. I suffered this for 2 days once. So hitchy, it started to burn. The skin was red hot and little bumps. The paste solved the problem. You can also apply it and diaper up.

    Be advised, that past will leave a residue on your hand and in your diaper/underwear. So, wash carfully. IMO, it's better to have a diaper on when you put that cream, as it will ruin your underwears.

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    Diaper rash cream, such as Desitin, works for protecting your skin and for mild rashes. If your skin is very itchy or painful, you probably got it infected with bacteria. Tell tale signs are itchy, painful red areas. In that case, a topical powder used for controlling jock itch or athletes foot will clear it up in no time. Miconazole nitrate is the stuff in the powder that kills the bacteria and allows the skin to heal.

    I'm extremely urge incontinent, but I try to stay out of a diaper for a few hours in the evening while home to give my skin a break, especially during the summer. I'm usually dehydrated during that time anyway. It's also a smart idea to change more frequently in hotter weather.

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