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    Default quizzical cashier quote

    "never heard of it".
    that's what he said. a pharmacy assistant at the Asda (walmart) pharmacy said he'd never heard of incontinence.

    i went in to see if they still carried Tena-slip and from the outset he looked puzzled and had to refer to the pharmacist. as he tilled-up my non-dl purchases, he enquired, "what're they for??".
    "incontinence", i replied. there was a brief pause as i typed in my pin, and he then asked, "what's it called, again?" and i told him, again.
    "never heard of it", he said, puzzledly.

    just to the right were several packs of Tena-pants, on offer but, not in my size.

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    Strange... because pharmacies generally don't employ people who aren't doing medical training of some kind. And incontinence is something people know about before they undergo any study on it.

    Well hey, at least he didn't ask you to explain what it was!

    "What's it is?"
    "Weak bladder, I can't hold my pee in"
    *awkward silence*

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    That cashier is going to feel really stupid when he recalls that incident to other staff over coffee in his break...

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    Did you explain it to him? Was there a doh! point?

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    Clueless Pharmacy cashiers...hahahaha.
    That's outrageous. How can someone, who works at a pharmacy no less, not know what incontinence is?

    But then again, it is something akin to a walmart. Maybe, just maybe he was a call-in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukie View Post
    Well hey, at least he didn't ask you to explain what it was!

    "What's it is?"
    "Weak bladder, I can't hold my pee in"
    *awkward silence*
    That... really would suck. You have my sympathy, Lukie.

    That wouldn't happen here. Probably because the cashier knows the answer would be "none eh your f***in' business".

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    Butterfly Mage


    Wal-Mart just gets the cheapest employees they can find. I worked in a drug store when I was 15 years old, and I certainly figured out how to help folks locate incontinence products and not embarras them at the same time! Wal Mart really does suck.

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    I try to go to wal-mart when the self check-out registers are functioning for reasons such as this.

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    Walmarts been ok, but mine is always so busy! I rarely get anything diaper related there. Luckily where getting a new super walmart.

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