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Thread: My last rant/review bout 24/7 (good)

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    Default My last rant/review bout 24/7 (good)

    All I have to say is that I love these diapers!!! They are wicked awesome... and they do not leak. I am a back sleeper and they are great. Like everyone says the sizes are definitely weird... but it works for my advantage. I am a 32 inch waste... and I get the large. What is great about that is that the leg gathers go up high when laying on my back which prevents leaks even more.

    I have definitely found my night time diaper. It is buy far superior for me compared to any other diaper even Abena X-plus. The large 24/7 is quite a bit big for me... but i am still able to get it to fit snug... and it works for my advantage. Well there... I am done raving about my favorite diaper. I shall drop this subject.

    THanks for listening


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    they look really good and i am gettin $5 to try the small but yeah they look perfect
    along with email customer service is really great i had a few questions about them so i asked.

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    Yes I agree with the customer service as well. I am not sure if I just got lucky or what it was. But I had ordered the small sample pack and the large sample pack, just so I would have two of each diaper so I could really get the feel for each size. When i ordered my case of the large... they refunded me 10 bucks. A $5 for each sample. I was just expecting $5. But hey they are sweet.

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    yeah they seem to keep tabs on what you buy so their refunds take effect when needed

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    Yes this is the only diaper I trust. I can make it through work with out changing and that is a plus for me. Like you said some have a problem with size but they work great for me too. When I have to go to the doctor or someplace where they might be seen, I am still a little embarrassed that the large are purple in color, but changing a wet diaper is better than wet pants. :-)

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    lol. True that. What was really embarrassing though is when I took one out to put on for night, was at my girlfriends. She was like, "Ohhh, how cute... PINK diapers." lol. She went on a little... and I kept telling her they are purple (like that is any better. :P) Haha.

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    What color would you rather have them in? :P But anyway, I'll have to agree with ya'll on this, 24/7 are AWESOME! But I've been sticking with Bambino lately, dunno why, guess I'm going to have to compare the two... eventually.

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    White is the best :P hehe... although bright pink could be cool too :P hahaha

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    I need to find a way to check these guys out but I'm not sure how they would go across the border without it remaining confidential. I only hear good things about them, really makes me curious.

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