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Thread: Pacifier for Snoring?

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    Default Pacifier for Snoring?

    Read a few articles earlier, looking for techniques to stop snoring. 'Drives my wife crazy'

    Several articles I read stated that a Pacifier can help with snoring. Wanted to find out if that is the case, or just wishful thinking for the AB's and DL's out there.

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    Hmm, I'm not sure - it could very well be the case I think, because doesn't snoring have to do with the soft palate, uvula, and tongue? A binky would help move the tongue and probably the soft palate and uvula if it was large enough and used overnight. Plus, the body prefers to breathe through the nose when possible, and using a binky would help achieve this.

    ~ moogle

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    Well, it's often said that people only snore when they are on their back and their mouth is open, and it is a natural reaction to clamp down on or suck something when it is put in their mouth so it may well work. Unfortunately people soon grow out of that reaction, so it may take some trying to keep it in all night.

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    I don't know whether it is linked, but pacifiers/dummies are currently considered by the FSID to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (cot death).

    MAM Soothers homepage

    So maybe they do affect the airway and so in adults might alter those things you mention that cause snoring? I don't know, but maybe.

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    :bunny: I was a horrible snorer - turns out (after a sleep study in 1999) that I had been suffering from a severe case of Sleep Apnea. I was sleeping for only 30 seconds at a time - no REM sleep, etc. I received a prescription for a CPAP machine which I use when sleeping. Now I only breath through my nose during sleep, but I have my pacifier clipped with a holder to my CPAP mask. I usually have my paci in all night and wake with it in my mouth. :bunny:

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    I dont snore, or well no one has told me I do. But I do talk in my sleep. I know what night I talk in my sleep also, Cuase there the nights I wake up with out my paci in, I've been using one for a little while know. But most nights I wake up with it still in. :\ you do get used to it, I loved having one right now, I have a infected tooth, and hte paci stop me from bitting down on it while I'm sleeping

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    I will have to give it a try. Wife doesn't know about my DL side, but I do wear diapers for bedwetting at night. I think she suspects however. As much as I would like to get a Nuk 5, not going to spend $20.00+ unless it works. Anyone know the largest baby size Pacifier that isn't the Nuk 5? Guessing Nuk 4 but want to see what others recommend.

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    they stoped making NuK 4 as far as I know, In most stores you'll find I guess a Nuk 3, but the Brand Nuk I dont like that much. Maybe if it was Nuk5

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siege89 View Post
    they stoped making NuK 4 as far as I know, In most stores you'll find I guess a Nuk 3, but the Brand Nuk I dont like that much. Maybe if it was Nuk5
    they have stopped making Nuk 4's plus those ones were very childish in color. Anyway's I am sure your wife will find it odd you pick a pacifier to cure snoring and not something directed to stop snoring.

    Of course my advice like always is stop trying to sneak around with the stuff, tell your wife with any luck she actually does love you and will at least accept it. She might not partake in diapering you or anything like that but if you already wear diapers to bed I doubt she would have a problem if you wanted a pacifier. Again that's what I would do in your situation.

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