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Thread: Bambinos Too Expensive?

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    Default Bambinos Too Expensive?

    I think there the best thing out there in terms of quality, however they are charging too much considering we are in this global recession, what do you think?

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    Default Bambinos Too Expensive?

    :bunny:Perhaps you meant to say "Bambinos Too Expensive?" in the title of your thread?

    So now for the rest of this thread those that have had even a modicum of business economics in college will rant on about the supply and demand ratio, (WE are the demand side of this equation). Next they'll drivel on about cost to manufacture and distribute the product, et-cetera, et-cetera, et-cetera.

    Then ones who live in L.A. that make $100 per hour will talk of relatives who sew for a living and they'll ask you if you could live on less than $40 per hour? (I live on $1237 a month, you do the math).

    Those that Just Love Bambinos will go on and on about how no other diaper comes close and that they would buy Bambinos before buying food for their family or at least purchasing a decent micro-brew. So just see if it isn't so. - The Cynical Diapered Rabbit:bunny:

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    There actually not that much more expensive than say Abena X-Plus or whatever. That is if you got a somewhat decent job. I live on $10/hr working random hours so I get paid a random amount every two weeks. Try living on $300 to $700 every two weeks and not knowing how much you're gonna get paid. Try paying for a car payment, insurance, rent, etc on something you don't really know and I still have left over cash to uy my diapers and 5 WoW accounts.

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    lol rabbit take a chill pill man u obviously have 'TOO' much time on your hands...i was just asking...

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    I'm with Bryce on this one. Bambinos are no more pricey than any of the other "super absorbant" diapers... like Dry 24/7, Abri X-plus, Molicare Super Plus, or Secure X-plus.

    Besides, Bambinos are without a doubt the most comfortable diaper I have ever worn... and they actually lowered their prices a few months ago.

    Let's face it, Bambinos are a niche product... and dispite their success they are still only purchased by a minority of folks. Fact of the matter is you are going to pay more for a niche product...

    Combine that with the fact that they are made in the USA and imported to the UK will make them quite expensive... you figure at least $50 a box just to ship them over... and that's if it is done in bulk with a reasonable discount... it all has to be factored in.

    I really don't see where you have room to gripe. If I paid to have european Tena Slip Maxis brought over to the US they would be just as expensive.

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    I have to agree with everyone here, I make 9 bucks a hour, an I pay rent, car bill, phone, internet, and so on. But I buget so that I can still bye daipers

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    Though I'm laid off, I typically make around $5,600 a month here in Chicago, and my girl makes $800 a month (until she graduates next year; then she'll make around $4,000 a month).

    So no, they don't charge too much. lol

    I understand the plight of younger people who typically make less money, but do what I did: suffer with the crappy diapers until you make more money. That's just the way of the world. Do you think it didn't kill me to hear about how awesome Molicares were while I was duct taping Depends to my butt? lol

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    I think they are expensive. Hell I have found a case of 96 diapers online that are cheaper or cost a little more so I see that as saving money when I go for the other diapers than bambinos.

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    Joey, I think you really need to think about the qualities you want in a diaper.

    For me, the bambino only satisfied one and that was absorbency. For others it failed miserably: crinkle, softness, look, overall babyish appearance.

    Try with other brands to find what you want out of a diaper and I'm sure it'll be at the right price, which if I stuck with more bambino's, I'd have made a mistake.

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    Bambinos are amazing. I'd say they're well worth the price. It takes a swimming pool for them to leak, and they're so adorable to boot.

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