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Thread: furry 4 life?

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    Default furry 4 life?

    dont know if this has been posted before.
    but I just wanted to know who on here is on the furry 4 life site?

    I have recently joined and wanted to pose this question.

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    i'm on the site, i use the same name as on here

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    Cool deal, I am on there as Flint Nightwolf.
    and the furry 4 life site is somthing similar to myspace for furries.... I think thats how I can describe it. I just found it myself. and am very pleased with it.

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    No problem, Just thought I would bring it to light here.

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    Its a good site but i just have not been posting there. To busy at furrytofurry

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    cool deal, good to know that im not the only one on both

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