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Thread: Unimpressed with X-Plus

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    Default Unimpressed with X-Plus

    I ordered a sample pack of the X-Plus a while back and was excited, but was irritated to find out they leaked in the morning after I wet (I don't know, it was a heavy wetting I am urinary incontinent, not fecal anymore I re-trained myself ha). But I was SO unimpressed that these leaked, my Molicares NEVER leaked, wtf.

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    Wow, that's surprising. Did it fit ok?

    Was it abena or secure? either of them should have held a good amount if it was on properly

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    Ok, which xplus are you talking about, Abena Abri-Form or Secure?

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    The only times I've ever had an Abri X-plus leak on me were when I pushed it over the limit. Otherwise they're fine... I'd use them all the time, but I just don't like the tapes.

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    Is it possible that they just didn't fit you correctly? For me personally, XPlus's leak more then the regular super simply because they don't seem to fit nearly as well. If you feel like giving Abena another shot, go ahead and get the Supers.

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    Simply put, a diaper isn't going to work if it doesn't fit snuggly. For me the Abena's never wanted to fit right and were too inflexible, but I'm glad to see another Molicare fan.

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    It's not always about capacity, as I've said many many times before.
    It's about SPEED.
    I've had only one Molicare out of a full case leak on me at night, and that was from over-filling.
    I've had a dozen or so Abena X-Plus's leak because they didn't absorb fast enough. I've even had a few leak when I was just sitting down. Never a problem in the Molicares.

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    idk I really liked the secure x-pluses due to the fact the tapes refastened better and made the overall fit better... but then again I am usually a morning wetter.

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    *shrug* I'm gonna echo what a few others have said: the problem is probably the fit. For me, the Abena X-plus medium is a perfect fit. For the first 2 large wettings (which I guess is subjective--I have a small bladder), it handles flooding just fine. After that, small trickles are best just to give the diaper time to wick moisture up the back and front (which the Abena is a champ at; I usually don't have to change until the padding is soaked fully up both the front and back)... however, you don't have much of a choice to trickle if you wet at night, I guess.

    If there's a poor fit around the legs (which I had for the first couple I tried, before I learned to fasten the bottom tapes by angling them up), leaking even on the first flood was likely. And if you can't get the Abenas to fit right for you, at least Molicares are good

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