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Thread: Hello everybody, I'm new here.

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    Default Hello everybody, I'm new here.

    Hi all,

    I've been looking for an appropriate site for a while now and decided that everyone on here seems quite friendly and helpful.
    A bit about me:
    My interest in diapers started a few years ago, and like many others I guess I have no idea how it came about. I haven't yet told anyone else about it or done anything yet so this is a fairly big thing for me. My hope is that on here I can find advice on how to progress.
    As for my other interests, I like surfing the internet (often for random things), nature, and some music although I am very selective.

    Hope to make some friends on here with whom I can discuss this topic freely. Unfortunately mainstream society is not as supportive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WoodlandWanderer View Post
    Hope to make some friends on here with whom I can discuss this topic freely.
    Oh you will. Just stick around, post and maybe pop into the IRC chat.


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    Hi Woodland,

    I've been there before, it's hard to tell someone else about an interest in diapers. I'm pretty new here myself (I joined a year ago but only recently started posting again.), but ADISC feels to me like a very friendly and supportive community...So you've picked a great starting point.

    Have you read ADISC's Answers Wiki? It has a great article on acceptance - even if you've accepted yourself already, it's still worth reading in my humble opinion...Confidence and self acceptance can help a LOT when revealing something so personal to another.

    Also, you say you like nature...Have you ever thought that your like of nature could help you break the ice, and give you a starting point for this sensitive subject? (Diapers vs. portapotties or squatting behind the bushes, maybe?) If not, maybe the outdoors could help settle nervousness. Fresh air, sunshine, and exercise - or if you prefer, outdoor meditation - might really help if you enjoy it.

    Welcome to ADISC and I hope I was of some help!

    ~ moogle
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    Thank you Moogle, I was actually just reading the article on acceptance when I read your post.
    I'm not sure if nature really offers a way of breaking the ice but it is something I find relaxing and it helps in many ways if I am nervous about anything.

    Thanks for your advice - everyone has to have started somewhere.

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    I've been there before...ok I am there. Welcome to the forum! if you want to chat some time just shoot me a pm.

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    Any particular interest? We have masses of furry stuff, a gun thread, reviews of diapers, and quite a lot of theology if that is to your taste.

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    Hiyas and welcome to the forums. Like Raccoon said, please tell us a little more about yourself. Theirs no need to be shy ^.^ Well have fun posting.


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    I'm just looking round for anything that takes my fancy at the moment.

    Sorry I've never been very good at just saying stuff about myself - I never know where to start - but if you want to ask me some things I'll be happy to reply.

    Nice to see that everyone is friendly already

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    Welcome to the forums.
    Do you like comics or video games?

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