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Thread: Going grey at 24...

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    Default Going grey at 24...

    Anyone else in this situation? What are you planning to to about it?

    Disturbingly, this doesn't seem particuarly uncommon. Once it progresses beyond a few hairs at the back of my head, i'm buying dye though... screw being grey before i'm 60.

    Yeah, that's about it. Just curiosity I guess...

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    I cannot say that I have ever had gray hair, but my father had to deal with it at a young age. To dye it to its original brown/brunette color, my father used to make a sort of mixture that I believe had some baking soda and some other substance in it. However, I doubt you would want to do that; the whole procedure just sounds rather messy...

    Are you thinking about trying to get rid of your gray hair? If so, there are a bunch of options and several products that you could use that get rid of gray hair. You could always go to your nearest grocery store, like Smith's or Von's, and pick up some items in the woman's department that deal with dyeing you hair. Here's another thing that I just found that you might find useful:

    From what I saw, they have a variety of products that could help you get rid of some of those gray hairs. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. : )

    - Asher

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    a little patch of my facial hair is gray and I had a few strands of gray hair at 15.

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    yep. I'm 18, and have a few grey hairs. My mother found them and told me all her male siblings had grey hair at a young age. I think it's cool. I'll look like Dante from 'Devil May Cry' in no time.

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    I've got quite a few grey strands. My mom says her hair was totally silver (not grey) by 28 plus one of her brothers went totally gray around 36 or so. Don't worry though, grey haired people can still be awesome, just look at steve martin in the 70's.

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    I started getting grey hairs at 16. Can't do much about it, I guess, and I don't particularly mind.

    Will be mostly/completely grey by the time I'm 30. *shrug*

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    i wouldn't mind gray hair, though i got blond hair so in not such a big leap. though i would love to get white hair.

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    george clooney went grey at a young age, so tackle this issue like george clooney would. Even though he's only 3 years older than brad pitt, he rocks himself a pretty sweet salt and pepper doo.

    It could be worse, though. I have a friend who started balding at 15. By 18 he was completely bald.

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    Nope. Not one gray hair here. Not that I'd mind it though. My hair is dyed most of the time. Mostly because I've got the most boring dirty blond-colored hair imaginable. Being naturally gray or white would be an improvement for me.

    Also, having just a gray patch of hair is hot. Just saying.

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    I'm not gonna mind if they start showing up on my head.

    It's the pubes that will worry me . . . .

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