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Thread: Pants/underwear wetting/messing

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    Default Pants/underwear wetting/messing

    This is a recration of a thread that was created by Darkfinn alittle over a year ago and I thought we should bring it back because alot of people talked in the thread and we have alot more new members.

    So the title says it all who likes to wet/mess their pants?

    I've done it a few times and it's kind of fun but the clean up sucks.

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    I wet my pants once. But I haven't done it since the first time. It was a mildly interesting but not something I'd do everyday.

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    I wet myself once, at home, semi-purposely, after a few drinks and thankfully on the kitchen floor...a big puddle, lots of clean up, won't be doing it again!

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    I've done that a few times. But I did it in the shower so I wouldn't have to clean up as much.

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    wet myself a few times, likewise in the shower to get the feel but with little or no cleanup.

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    I've done it a few times. Most recently just a little bit while lying on the couch; I stopped before the sofa got wet. When I typically do it, I'll stand in the shower, but it's rare. All in all I like the feel of a wet diaper better. Though I always enjoy the idea that I had an accident, really couldn't help it and that I'm wearing a diaper out of necessity. Ah, fantasy...

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    No I have never done that for enjoyment.

    It personally doesn't do anything for me.

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    Yes I have done it on purpose many times when i was younger. It was probably around 8-10 yrs of age were going out and purchasing a diaper didnt even cross my mind (regret it now since back then i could fit into toddler underwear) and purposely wet my underwear before i took a shower.

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    yes and i really can't say that it ever compares to a wet diaper. and i will also say i have done it out of actual accidents than me perpilously. especially camping.

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    I wet/mess my pants (and anything else really) without a diaper on because of incontinence...I can't say I like it, I just accept that it happens.

    ~ moogle

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