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Thread: Hola!!!!

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    Talking Hola!!!!

    I don't speak mush spanish but felt like saying hola anyway haha, but ummmmmmm... HI! I'm Paris and I'm a Gay Babyfur/TB Raver... wow thats a mouthful haha. I live in AZ, USA and got in trouble for diapers when I was 13... I havent been back to the sites since. I use to go bye Unexpressed, so if you knew me stop by, and say hello. The site has changed alot since then, but I'm happy to be back! I do have SOME normal hobbies, I'm an actor and a swimmer, and I LOVE video games, I'm also big into anime/manga/roleplaying so if you have a gaia find me (BastianElf) but ya, I'm really blabbing now so I'm just going to end this monologue XD

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    *pounces new babyfur* Welcome to ADISC. There's lots of us into gameing and anime on here so I'm sure you'll like it here. What animes and games do you like?

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    Why hello there. :3
    You seem really cool. Hope you have a great time here. ^^

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    Hey, thats awesome!!! I'm from AZ too... AND I'm a swimmer! What's your best stroke, I'm a Breaststroker.

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    Hmm...people talking to themselves. I think we better stop this before they realize they're the same person!

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