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Thread: Ever found *B/DLs on other sites?

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    Default Ever found *B/DLs on other sites?

    I mean besides these communities. Ive met a few DLs on random forums and stuff.

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    There is one member on here that I actually met on some other site before I even had an account here. It was quite a koinkidink

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    Yeah, I have. Of the two DL's I met in real life, one was from a completely non diaper related site. Don't ask me how we got on the subject of diapers, I don't remember. The only other one that I've met was years ago from DPF, back when it was respectable and really the only online resource for our kind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiaperLover22893 View Post
    I mean besides these communities. Ive met a few DLs on random forums and stuff.


    City of Heroes...

    Edit: Second Life..

    I seem to attract the kind of people who are interested for a few weeks before they decide they don't like you, but they still count.
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    A few hundred in real life from elsewhere, and 4-5 from here.

    Edit, err... From non-abdl sites? Yea... A handful from Myspace and Facebook, including a former roommate and very close friend (whom is now engaged to another DL).

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    Are you talking about people here that I've met other places? Well there's quite a few that I met on other sites too.

    I have met other *B/DL that aren't members here tooo as well.

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    Well, I've never seen any *B/DLs, but I've seen my fair share of fairly open furs on non-furry websites. But on many of these sites (not all), they get a bad rep.

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    I've met a couple on Myspace and Facebook, mostly through groups that I've joined but a couple just out of the blue.

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