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Thread: ADISC time capsule thread

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    Default ADISC time capsule thread


    * Only 1 post per person (except for me, I get to post again after this one as this isn't my entry to the capsule yet ).

    * Each person sticks something in here that sums them up and they would like to be remembered by. This can be a message, a picture, a video clip, a statement, or any combination thereof - you get the point, just whatever bollocks springs to mind.

    The capsule will then be planted and left to float away into cyberspace and will remain as long as this forum exists.

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    Well I would throw in a copy of my fav moives to start with, Tank Girl, An Donnie Drako.
    Then Folo up with all of system of a downs CD's.
    Then a few pics of my self, and my dog copper, maybe 1 of my faimly.

    Then maybe jsut maybe a poem, But I'm in no mood to write anything tonight

    Oh and my HHD back up

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    Letter to my future self:

    How you doin, man? I guess now that you're famous and living in california you aren't still hanging around with the ol' gang back home. They all stayed behind while you took off in pursuit of some stupid dream, eh? You bastard. They're good people. You should call them and invite them down to your mcmansion for an awesome party.

    Especialy Jake, man. Jake stuck with you through thick and thin. He split the rent with you while you were living in Toronto trying to find a gig. Without him you'd be out on the street or worse! He covered your ass so much. Heh, remember that time you guys got completely wasted, and that train hopper guy tried to beat the poo out of you but Jake took him to the ground with one punch to the back of the head and then you ended up in jail for the night? Good times, good times.

    Listen to me rambling on, going all nostalgic for the good ol days. You probably have scripts to read and stuff like that. Say hi to george clooney for me!

    Oh, and give Carly a call too. She probably wants to know what happened to you after you told her you were going for coffee before running off to Hollywood.

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