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Thread: Sizing of Babykins Onezies

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    Default Sizing of Babykins Onezies

    Has anyone bought a Babykins Onezie? I would like to buy the Adult Long Leg Onezie T-Shirt to wear over my nighttime cloth diapers and plastic pants (I wear thick cloth diapers because I ride a bicycle 20 miles aday so I drink alot of water). I sometimes get irritated by the plastic pants at night and it wakes me up. The problem is the sizing. I am 140 pounds, 39 inch chest, 32 inch waist (without diapers), and I am 5'10.5" tall. Babykins sizing chart says a medium is 40" chest, but only 5'6"--5'8" tall (isn't is more important for the measurement from the collar bone to the bottom of my diapers? I am 31" from my collar bone to the bottom center of my diapers). I think the medium be to small. But with the large I would be swimming in them.

    Can anyone advise on this problem? Thanks


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    Yes, I have a couple Babykins onesies. I don't have the long-legs variety, though. Babykins definitely sizes their onesies to allow for thick cloth diapers. I even spoke with the owner on the phone who affirmed this fact--their onesies will probably be a bit baggy in the crotch if you wear disposables. I personally had my onesies shortened 2" because I mostly wear disposables; I do have a few thicker cloth diapers that I kind of wish I had unaltered onesies to wear with. It is a bit snug with thick cloth diapers--but the onesies stretch, so it's OK.

    As for sizing... if you were wearing disposables, I'd say go for the medium simply because it will be shorter in the crotch than a large (due to you being 5'10.5" and the mediums only fit up to 5'8"). But since you are wearing cloth, it might be best to go with the large. I don't know how tight you like your shirts to be, but I have a 36" chest and ordered a small (38" chest). I think it fits great; perfect in the shoulders and good in the chest--not skin tight, but not ridiculously baggy. At a 39" chest, a large (42") would be 3" bigger in the chest than your actual measurement, which isn't a ridiculously huge difference. Of course, if you prefer your shirts to be very tight-fitting, it's not so great, but otherwise--it'll probably be fine, especially after you give it a few cycles in a hot wash & hot dryer.

    Oh--and yeah, I wish they gave the collarbone to crotch measurement as well. I e-mailed to ask about that, but couldn't get a straight answer. So I just went with a small and ended up having to have them shortened after the fact. If you want to be sure, you can just give them your torso measurement and ask them to do something custom for you; be sure to let them know you plan to wear cloth diapers. It only costs an extra $5 per onesie for the alteration... Though that was for my non-leg onesies; the ones with legs might be harder to alter. Best luck; the Babykins onesies are super comfy.

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    Default Thank you for your reply

    Thanks for your very informative reply. I think I will try the large size. I do wear very thick cloth diapers, and I don't really care if the top is loose or not, just that my legs are covered well from my plastic pants. So thanks for helping me alot.


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    I'm 6' 180 and ordered 2 large...they'll be here very soon and I'll give a trip report! My thoughts are to go w/ the larger of 2 options because it's always easier to make something too big smaller than something too small bigger!

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