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Thread: Anyone do this?

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    Default Anyone do this?

    I like to work out in my home as I watch The Simpsons or Arthur. I wear a sports bra and my diapers with no shorts over them. I don't see the point anyway. They are like my bottoms.

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    I guess it depends if you live alone, or whether you live with people who you are mutually cool with seeing you less-than-fully-dressed and/or diapered. I live alone at the moment and I will wear whatever is comfortable. (With some bearing on whether the curtains are open!) If I get home in the evening and I'm very warm, I'd take off whatever I needed to be comfortable. So, if I worked out at home (which I can't as my home is too small and the downstairs inhabitants would get a noisy ceiling!) I probably would do as you describe, yeah. Just seems logical.

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    Once while my family was out I decided to have some fun and do the chores around the house in nothing but a teeshirt and a diaper. That was so much fun! I got the chores done really fast, and I didnt mind doing them at all. It was great.

    And then another time while the family was out again I tryed to do DDR while diapered. This didnt work very well at all, but it was a fun experiment.

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    When mom's not home, I just wear a shirt and diaper. It's more comfortable and convenient, and is especially nice in warm weather.

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    Well, i haven't worn for a long time now. I stopped coming on here, but just came back today =]

    After forcing myself to get this out of my life for 3 months, i just gave up. It's on my mind even more if i don't accept it.

    I used to sit around just in a nappy, when home alone (Diaper)

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    Nah. I usually wear one under my britches if I decide to wear a diaper at all.

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    When I can i do but I still live with my parents so I don't get to very often.

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    I prefer total silence. I'm turning into an old man slowly but surely..."All this durned NOISE!" lol

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    I sometimes just wear a diaper and T shirt around the house. I never go outside like that through.

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    My exercise regiment is an hour of cardio a day, but I've never worn a diaper while exercising. There was a thread a long time ago about wearing to the gym. Most people said they just cause chaffing.

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