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    I want to build a game website this summer, like addictinggames, but I do need to ask one thing... to get games on it, do I just like search for game authors who are releasing new flash games and ask if they are interested? Or how does that work? Has anyone else here made a flash game site?

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    It's going to be hard, but yes that's really what you'll want to do. Though, you'll need to have a nice site, effective way of managing the content, visitors, etc, etc before you even think about talking to game creators. Their not going to affiliate with just any game site. You need something that makes your site stand out and give them some kind of advantage over their competitors.

    And a game site like you want requires the use of php, mysql, ajax, flash, forum software, etc. It's not as simple as open dreamweaver and make a site using drag and drop tools. It's a lot of work.

    Do you know the following?

    vBulletin or IPB
    Managing a Game Site/Community
    Resources to pay for dedicated servers, etc

    It's a LOT of work that goes into something like this. I've tried to get a gaming network going and had it going for at least a couple months, but the main thing that got me was the advertising and paying for servers. I think I was paying around $800/mo on 2 dedicated servers that hosted 2-3 games each and a VPS server that hosted one huge MMORPG game and a site, forum, etc.

    It's a lot of work and there's so many other sites like these out there that it would require you to come up with something really unique to draw visitors to your site/community.

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