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    Just wondering on both questions really. I have only ever had one wet dream and don't really know why of it this is normal. and i probably wank once or twice a day. But, i have not done it in about 3 days because i want to see if i can have a wet dream. Is this normal to have only had one ever, given i was 14 at the time and turn 21 is a few days? and will me not doing it make me have one?

    The other question didn't work.

    It was how many times to you wank in any given day?

    1. i don't wank
    2. 1-2
    3. 3-4
    4. 5+
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    I've heard (might just be a myth) but apparently people who masturbate more, have less wet dreams, because the body has a lower sperm level.

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    Wet dreams are response to your body's sexual build up. If you are highly turned on before bed the chances of you having a wet dream are greater.

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    Sadly no correlation here. I have gone "abstinent" to induce wet dreams to no effect whatsoever. Sexy dreams still happen but on their own time and as they damn well please. However avoiding "the wank" will drive you mad with frustration and this can be helpful if your fantasies involve mental roleplaying where you are "not allowed" at the hands of your imaginary dom, or some other circumstance...

    Say, you and your imaginary "partner" are wild with desire for one another but the only way you can see each other is if he, your out-of-town "special" friend sleeps over at your parents' house. And you must sleep a few scant feet from each other, say him in a sleeping bag next to your single bed; but the parent is in the adjoining room, with no door between, and apt to come in at random intervals throughout the night to check on things, and will send him home, and spank you after, if any mischief-making is caught; so you lie there... afraid to express your young lust through any more than hand-holding, letting your fingers tell his hand what you would like, what you yearn to do with him, and he, you; and as your fingers put the question to his, his fingers part, tight but inviting, letting your finger probe between his, exploring, nervous, eager, ecstatic at his yesses, in anguish that no more than fingers can do the talking... And, four days wankless, you lie, in mute frustration, the fantasy made so real by your body's real response... Did I say parent? How about a babysitter, fearsome and strict, who believes sleepover boys with "dreams" should keep their stickiness to themselves, and must go diapered for that purpose, speakless, and little-belled, afraid and disallowed from getting up, afraid of calling in the wrath and expulsion which that cruel snitch-bell, little tinkle-rat, will call upon your heads, if you so much as sit up... So your fingers touch and whisper your desires, his answering with sympathy and promises, suggesting things to come...
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    I have wet dreams maybe 2 or 3 times per year. And I never masturbate either, so it's probably really unhealthy. My balls are probably ready to explode with the amount of unreleased sperm.

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    Once or twice in my life, and I recall them as odd.

    Good, healthy self-abuse takes care of the rest.

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    I've had a couple, but mostly I take care of it myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreamaker View Post
    I've heard (might just be a myth) but apparently people who masturbate more, have less wet dreams, because the body has a lower sperm level.
    That makes sense actually. I remember when I told myself that I wasent going to masturbate for 3 months plus that I had a wet dream in that three months. But when I started masturbating again, I didnt have one for 9 months plus.

    I have only ever had 3 or 4 wet dreams total, so I could be a bit low on the scale but its not a scientific study or anything.

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