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Thread: Guns: what have you owned or shot?

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    Default Guns: what have you owned or shot?

    For me, just target shooting; I don't own firearms, but like to go to the local pistol range (.38 revolver, 9 mil Glock semi-auto) and have shot .303's, FN, sten (once and only on 3 shot burst, not auto,) bren (blanks), .22, and some British pistol, Browning or Webley, not sure. The coolest (other than my first time at 14 on an indoor .22 range) was the FN on a cadet camp where we shot at this "movie" and there were little red pin holes where we made the shot. This was way pre video games, when b & w TV's were still common, so yeah, playing what was basically a video game in those days with live ammo was pretty cool.

    Still never fired a shotgun. Go figure.

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    I think this might belong in Mature Topics, just due to the inflammatory nature of the subject in some circles.

    I'm on my phone right now, but I'll try to post up some gun pr0nz later of my newest plinking toy.

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    I go target shooting at my local shooting range. I have no idea what type of guns I use - haven't been going that long. It's not pistols though, more like competition rifles.

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    *Moved to Mature Topics for obvious reasons*

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    I don't know if it counts, but the only kind of gun I've ever fired was a paintball gun

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    I have a few guns, two that I use regularly, a 30.06 and a .22LR. I've shot many different types down at the gun range since most people that go and have a cool gun are more than willing to let other's shoot it. I'm hoping to get my concealed carry permit as well but it's a pain in New York.

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    Walther P-38 sidearm (WWII era)
    Some .32 semi sidearm, I don't know who makes it.
    Remmington 30.06 bolt action (pre-WWII, like a Springfield)
    Remmington 30.06 pump action with a scope.
    Remmington .22 Long.
    12ga. double side-by-side with no name.

    I inherited them all from my Dad, and I never shoot them. I just oil them every couple of years, and keep them wrapped in cloth diapers, and linens in the bedroom closet.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I own a Browning Buckmark .22

    The gun is easy to load and fun to fire. The ammo is pretty cheap. Since it's a small-caliber weapon, it barely has any recoil at all.

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    I've Fired A Modified Lee-Enfeild, And SA80, Modified For Cadet Use And Named The "L96A1 Cadet General Purpose Rifle" Or GP Rifle For Short. Even Though The L96 Is A Sniper Rifle. xD

    Edit: Actually, It Might Have Been L69A1.

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