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Thread: Communion Diapers???

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    Default Communion Diapers???

    I just came across a few articles that talked about some catholic parishes that request that girls, including teens, wear cloth diapers and plastic pants along with white tights under their dress when recieving their first holy communion. Apparently it is supposed to symbolize purity. I read a couple of testimonies of girls that have done this. Is this b.s., or is there some truth to it??? I think it is a little bizarre. Im not Catholic, but I would wonder about my priest suggesting such a thing.

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    I've read those "articles" too... I think they are total BS.

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    Why just girls?

    That screams "fap material" to me, because there's only one other reason why a girl should wear something absorbent, and that's more easily resolved than wearing a diaper.

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    dated a catholic girl once. never heard of it.
    however it would have been pretty neat.

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    This came up here maybe half a year ago, and was considered untrue. It does make you wonder though, if that's what happened back in the 1950s. Things were a lot different then, include pedophilia among the clergy. It seems like anything was possible when there were no controls. Back then, the Priest could do no wrong.

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    I can't imagine parents being cool with it. I would suspect lewd intentions.

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    I think this is a lot like the whole "Bridal Diapers" thing. You see some posts and articles about it online... but there are no actual products or any physical/photographic evidence of such a product even existing.

    It's all the product of some perv's overactive imagination.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfinn View Post
    I've read those "articles" too... I think they are total BS.
    Sort of like Disney world recommending parents diapering their 10 year olds?

    No way... these things just HAVE to be true!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    Sort of like Disney world recommending parents diapering their 10 year olds?

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    I don't know much at all about Christian sects; however, just when I think something is completely beyond the realm of reality for a religion, I find evidence of a fringe group somewhere that is doing it.

    The myth had to have started somewhere. That's all I'm saying.

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