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Thread: Neo-Nazi Brings Gun Into Holocaust Museum, Kills Guard

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    Default Neo-Nazi Brings Gun Into Holocaust Museum, Kills Guard

    The Story


    I really don't have much to say, other than this man is delusional, and it's quite tragic that someone would do this.

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    It's sad and it amazes me that people are still this stupid.

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    Butterfly Mage


    It boggles the mind that this heinous crime was committed by someone nearly 90 years old.

    Ever notice how low-functioning bigots always load up on guns?

    Why do Jews always get picked on anyway? Of the three Abrahamic faiths, Judeism is by far the least violent and least criminal of the bunch (I've processed exactly *two* Jews at Pretrial in 3.5 years. That's a pretty low number!)

    I don't get the mindset that says "I don't worship in the same way as you, therefore you must be destroyed."

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    I heard about this. I found it deppressing myself. For the heck of it, I looked on the mueaseum's website. It had hollocaust facts and pictures that brought tears to my eyes. The thing that upset me most was the nazi coloring book. It was extermely antisematic and probabbly brainwashed millions of children. It had a cartoon jew and it said in German "only you will solve the problem". or something alont those lines

    but yeah...very deppressing. i hope humanity never stoops to such a low level again

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    Killing for any religous belief is stupid. Any.

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    Fifth incident of Republican terrorism since the election. Coincidence?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkmaster View Post
    Fifth incident of Republican terrorism since the election. Coincidence?
    Its a terrible, terrible incident. I mean, what's wrong the jews? What did they ever do to you? Don't really think the Republican party had anything to do with this.

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    Well.. we can't ignore the fact that having a black president is going to piss off some of the biggots out there.

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    These types of people are idiots, having nothing to live for etc and thus want to go out and remove other people who they think are bad but they personally don't know them. Like I said, he is a idiot.

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