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Thread: Anyone remember these old kids movies

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    Default Anyone remember these old kids movies

    I wanted to see if anyone knew about these old films. I'm sure the last one everyone knows. I remember I killed the tape on the first two by watching them so much.

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    Iron Giant!!
    And I remember Oliver and Company. o.o Though I've never seen it.

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    The first and third I remember well and still have the movies. The middle one I vaguely remember but I am sure I have seen it before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hans View Post
    anybody remember Rover Dangerfield or Rock-A-Doodle?
    I rember that movie.

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    Oooh, Oliver and Company, I watched that so many times.

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    I remember Iron Giant well, and I found "We're Back" in my collection of old VHS tapes that I didn't even know I had.

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    I remember seeing Oliver & Company in the late 80s when it came out in the theater with my aunts and my sisters and the McDonald's promotion. Somewhere in storage, I have a stuffed Oliver ornament.

    We're Back, I never did see, Iron Giant didn't appeal to me, as I was an adult by the time those movies were out. But Oliver, I do remember.


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    I remember seeing all of those! Those take me back to when I was little!

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