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    Default Local Wildlife

    Just curious as to what kinds of wildlife inhabit your locality. Even if you're in an urban area there can be some kinds of wild critters (besides rats ) roaming about. In our area there's an abundance of deer wandering through our property. We also have rabbits, squirrels, black and copper head snakes, a couple different varieties of lizards, and this year, a small box turtle has taken up residence in our back yard, feeding on the wild strawberries. Occasionally, I've seen a red or grey fox, opossum, or skunk scoot across our driveway when coming home late at night.

    Won't even touch on birds since there's so many kinds of birds in our area, though I'm partial to the little gold finches flitting about.

    What kinds of critters call where you live "home"?


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    Birds...Squirrels...Rabbits sometimes...Deer up the ass...Ducks/Geese sometimes...Sometimes bats...Turtles...

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    I live in the country and I have seen just about everything on or near my property, deer constantly, bear occasionally, snakes once and awhile, chipmunks, squirrls(red and grey) turkeys and other fowl now and then.

    I like having all these different animals roaming on or near my place.....I like the country much better than in town living.

    The worse thing I get is snow lots of it, I hate snow!

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    Squirrels, deer, some birds, I hear there are bats but I've never seen them. Oh, and snakes.

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    Lots and lots of rabbits and seagulls. At night there's the occasional hedgehog. I name all of them Sonic.

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    Lot's of wildlife here, coyote's, deer, moose, ducks, all kinds of birds, turkey's, foxes, bears, partridge, feral cats, possibly sasquatch. And if you count in marine life, we have just about all kinds of freshwater fishes

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    lizards, rodents, birds (DUH!) fish (DUH again!) variety of insects and some feral cats though they aren't much of a problem.

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