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Thread: Your Toughest Workout Ever?

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    Butterfly Mage

    Default Your Toughest Workout Ever?

    I'm also a bit of an exercise nut too. Now that the weather is warm again, I've been riding my bicycle more. There's an awesome nature trail that's about 50 miles long. Yesterday I did 21 miles up and 21 miles back (for 42 miles total. I was pretty pleased about being able to do this. 42 miles on a bike is worth about 2,100 calories.

    What's the most intense workout you've ever done? Inquiring minds wanna know!

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    Mine was walking like 12 miles I think. I kind of want to ride my bike to Sacramento but there would be no way I'll make it back in the same day.

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    For formal working out, probably many years ago when my wife and I joined one of those fitness clubs and worked out on the Nautalis(sp?) exercise machines.

    Informally, is when I do some clearing out of our property with a chainsaw. The soreness I've felt all over afterwards, especially in my back, tells me I've worked out a bit too much.


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    Butterfly Mage


    Chainsaw aerobics... I can see some DVD Workout Video potential here!

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    Longest walk: 14 miles (during a walk-a-thon in Middle School)

    Longest bike ride: 22 miles, up and down the shore of Lake Michigan through Chicago (From our flat out to the Shedd Aquarium, north to past the zoo, where the bike path turns back into town, then back home on the reverse route.

    Longest time my ass has been in excruciating pain from not being in shape for a 22 mile ride on a mountain bike that I had bought 2 days before: 3 days. =(

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    Scout Camp 2008

    The staff had the weekend off, so my buddies and I went hiking around Huntington Lake. We traveled 23 miles in one hell of a day. Everyone returned in a poor state, so we slept through campfire and dinner.

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    i went mountain climbing once for the whole day. toughest stuff in the world.

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    Ran my first full marathon in December....26.2 miles. I finished in almost 4 hours. The first place winner finished in like 2 hours and 22 for the first one, I think I did pretty well.

    I tore my achilles tendon a few days later at the gym when the belt tore and threw me up against a wall. Nice. Should get the all clear to run again next month. I've got a lot of work to do if i'm going to run it again.....

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    Well its wasn't really a work out. It as my job, I worked on natural gas wells for a year. We never stopped moving, and most of the pipes we used could wieght in the upwards of 200-300 pounds, and 30+ feet long.

    We did 1 job that used pipe that was 14 pounds a foot, and 36 feet long:\. But I got to see some amazing things

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    I used to lift in high school. I would do fifty reps of about fifteen different lifts in the course of about two hours. I was young and it didn't bother me.

    Probably the hardest I've ever done was wrestling practice in high school, especially the first few weeks when we getting back into shape. I'm told the average wrestling practice burns 1000-1500 calories. I believe it, given that the light warm-ups we did the day before a meet, prior to the regular two hour practice, were three miles runs in roughly 21 minutes, not so easy when you wrestle in the 189 pound weight class.

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