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Thread: How far are we from AI? Random thoughts.

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    Default How far are we from AI? Random thoughts.

    First point, In the movie I, Robot, there were two types of machines. Your everyday robots, the NS-5s, who while they would probably pass the Turing Test, wouldn't be considered AI in the sense of a personality. The second type, those that had a personality, thoughts, dreams etc. was represented by Sunni and Viki. Secondly, in his novel Sunstorm, Arthur C. Clarke suggests search engines as one of the more likely sources of an AI.

    Two recent developments in search engines have been Wolfram Alpha, and Google Squared. According to the Google Squared FAQ, it improves further results from people editing their result squares, much in the same way as the spell check on your phone on a much larger scale.

    So what would happen if you took google squared, combine it with the ability to get results from questions (like , and left it running for a few years to gather data, like 20Q. Then you add in a few questions people ask each other, but don't search, like "How is the weather?". It wouldn't be Sunni, but it might stand a good chance of passing the turing test, like the NS-5s in I, Robot.

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    I believe for a computer to have a true AI, its has to have self awareness, Like Sunny from the movie, he didn't want to die. Or if you watch short circuit, Johnny 5.

    I rethought my post, I dont think that self awareness would make it a true AI, but more so be alive.
    But then again. The level of programing need to make a computer self aware. Would need to have some forum of AI tag along with it.
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    I feel that AI is basically a robat that is able to function without significant human input for a large amount of time (Such as, a lawnmower bot. If it mows your lawn every few days, automatically, then I consider it AI). As for Self-Aware AI, I like the idea, but it would suck if it led to something like Skynet.

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    I'd say we're at least a century away from the type of "personality" AI you're describing, since it goes way beyond a "knowledgebase" and depends on the ability for programmers to be able to model the stochastic properties of the human psyche. I'll argue that a complete emulation of a human brain is possible but not feasible at this stage (think of a molecular-level simulation of the exact particles that comprise the human body), but distilling that down to something practicable means garnering a more complete understanding of the human mind (especially in terms of some sort of formal definition) than modern psychology currently provides.

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