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Thread: Music or Lyrics?

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    Default Music or Lyrics?

    So, when you listen to music, do you tend to choose the music for the music or the lyrics? My girlfriend and I had this discussion the other day and I thought it was kind of interesting. I tend mostly to listen for the music, and it's definitely the main factor that goes into me listening to something. She, on the other hand, cares way more about the lyrics.

    How about you guys? I know most will be "both" to some degree, but I left that off the poll, because I want to know which one you favor more .

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    Well I would say 85% Lyrics, But somedays I jsut put on a mindless random shuffle. Just so I can have background noise

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffy View Post
    Read the post!? . If you really feel that you hold them equally, then just say so.

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    I voted music, because for me, good music is a necessity, good lyrics on the other hand are a bonus. What's the point in singing along if the music sounds like crap?

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    I definitely favor music over lyrics, heavily (like 75/25) If the music is right, the lyrics probably aren't too far off anyway.

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    Music. It was obvious since I listen to Japanese music and can't even understand what they are saying, lol.

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    Depends on the style. For Techno I am all about the song. If it's anything else, I'm in it for 80% lyrics.

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