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Thread: What can I buy to extend my wireless range?

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    I picked up a signal here in the group home in my room. but its only 1 bar and its intermittent. Right now I am at the library on WIFI so I have no have to worry about that yet.

    My laptop has integrated, shitty wireless. I need to know if there is a USB device or something I can use to extend my range so I can reasonably search the internet, etc on my laptop.

    THe laptop is a Cq50-211nr Compaq Presario. It has a Wireless b/g/n thing....

    no express card, just an sd card slot..
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    You can buy a USB wireless card, but the high end one will cost a arm an a legs. an for the router its self you can most likly buy antena booster

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    Ok I bought a NETGEAR wireless N USB Adapter I have yet to try it in the group home, but I am hoping it will work quite well.. I already installed it on my laptop and I am still getting used to the interface... I took a bus to another part of the city to Walmart to get it, and it did cost an Arm... and half of my leg

    $69.00 + Tax...

    good thing is I have 15 days to return if it doesnt work but i dont know how debit card refunds work.

    but it came with velcro sticky things so I can put one on the window and hopefully pick up a signal from outside if I cant pick up the SAPP networkl
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    timmahtherebel: Will you please stop double posting, i.e. posting more than one message in a row. Before you hit the "submit"-button, make sure you have put everything you want to say into your post. If you remember stuff you want to add, use the edit button. It looks like this: . I'm sick of merging your double posts time and time again! You've left two double posts in this thread alone.
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    Im sorry Peachy but I keep forgetting about that.
    Most of it happens because I think of something else, an afterthought, and I don't remember to use EDIT.
    I don't see it.

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