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Thread: what do you use

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    Default what do you use

    what do you use and why baby oil,gel,powder,wipes? which is best and what should i buy ?

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    its cleaner for hygeine if you wet them or mess in them
    so that would be using whipes , also powder helps from shafting and getting you smelling all nice hehe ,

    urm oil to keep your um skin ?? nice and soft

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    The oil and powder are generally used as preventatives to diaper rash and the gel usually helps it go away quicker if you have it. Wipes are for sanitizing your diaper area and hands (and anything else for that matter) after they have been soiled, usually between changes.

    I rub baby oil on and then apply a light coat of baby powder before I put on diaper a and then when Im done usuing the diaper I wipe it all down with the wipes and re-apply if im just changing, or just a little powder to help 'air-out' if Im going back to big-kid underwear again.

    If you have really sensitive skin you may want to make sure you get hypo-allergenic stuff, but none of it bothers me and the off brands all seem to perform just as good as johnson & johnson for me.

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    Because I don't wear all that often, I don't use creams, oils or powders. I do use a generic wipe for when I need them (they're handy for after sex, too).

    I have to say, though, that what aero was describing sounds pretty awesome with the oil, then the powder, and all that. Maybe I'll treat myself next time I wear.

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    I dont use anytihng really, I only wear while I sleep, I shower when I get up. But I do have some wipe's there handy for allot of things, An if you get the unsented kind, work great for cleaning your screen.

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    Powder and wipes... Neither 'coats' your hands with hard to clean stuff like oil and creams do. Oily stuff also tends to seep into clothes, beds, etc. and for some diapers, they sometimes make them seperate the layers at the legs (depend pullups especially) and out comes the wet gel down your legs!

    I don't mind getting a bit of talc dust on things, and a quick clap of the hands is all it takes to clean 'em up before applying the tapes.

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    I use Pampers Unscented Aloe baby wipes. I hardly ever use powder and when I do it is Diaparene corn starch baby powder. I am allergic to talc. If I think an irritation or rash is starting I use Desitin.

    Every evening the second I get home I take a bath. Soon after I get up in the morning I take a shower.

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    if im wearing for say extended periods over the weekend i use vasaline baby scented with baby powder, then clean up with Pampers wipes or just hop in the shower.

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