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    Just wondering who here is graduating high school this year? If you're still in school when do you get out? Planning to do anything before/after your ceremony (that is if you are walking)?

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    Well technically I'm not graduating, there is no ceremony or anything, but I am finishing 6th form college (equivalent to your high school) this year. In fact I already have, but I am now in the middle of exams. I won't get my results until late August however. When I did finish I had an exam in the afternoon so I wasn't able to go anywhere with anyone. People went out to the cinema and to eat and so on, I had to stay in because I had an exam that afternoon. It really annoyed me that I wasn't able to go.

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    My ceremony is this Tuesday. I got major Senioritis when I went into my exams because we had to have these cards signed to "checkout" of HS and get our cap and gown and grad tickets. I only needed 3 (of 7) classes to graduated to begin with so all the teachers would enter in a 0% on your Semester exam as a test to see if you could graduate with a 0 (it didn't stay obviously unless you didnt do it anyways) and I passed those 3 classes if I had a 0% so I just bubbled in random stuff and slept XD.

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    I got my deploma last week, i'm just enjoying my time off and waiting for the job offers to roll in.

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    I'm a Junior, but will have enough credits to graduate if I take English 070 and Economics. Concurrent enrollment is a great way to cut academic corners. I've been taking classes now for a couple years and have like 25 units towards an AA. Some counted for both high school and college credit.

    The sooner I get done with General Education, the better.

    I'm taking a PC course over the summer and love it!

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