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Thread: A curious question... Are there things in life that diapers just don't mix with for you?

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    Default A curious question... Are there things in life that diapers just don't mix with for you?

    For me, there are three main ones, for various reasons... religion, hockey, and food. For religion, I'm not sure, I just don't feel right incorporating a sexual kink into matters of faith and God, so I don't. Hockey, my passion, also just wouldn't feel right with diapers. (That's why I always close ADISC before opening another window, because the Thrashers' site is my homepage.) I don't know exactly why, but neither of these feel right when something having to do with diapers is incorporated. As for food, I discovered this when reading that 'review' for the "Poopy Diapers" restaurant, a fictitious place (I think that thread is still around somewhere, look for it). I gagged reading that, because, well... Do YOU want to eat the contents of a diaper?

    Share your feelings.

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    This is an interesting question. You'vre got me thinking. Uh-oh! There are a few things that don't mix with my diaper-habits and that's the easy answer, but then I wonder why they don't mix and that's a tougher question to answer.

    If a person were incontinent and required nappies for a genuine medical reason, I would imagine that all areas of life would mix more easily on a psychological level. Sure there might be some things on a physical level that are impossible or difficult in a diaper, like wearing a bikini. (ok, I can't think of an example!) And I'm sure some circumstances might feel odd at first. But on the level I think this question is getting at, you'd probably feel ok about it. And it might be easier to explain if people found out you were wearing.

    If your reason to wear is nearly completely sexual, then it might feel weird to mix nappy-habits with things you wouldn't associate with the sexual element of who you are.

    If you wear for emotional boldness and comfort, the situations that 'mix' might be a little a bit more varied, depending on who you are and how you experience the various aspects of your life. actually answer the question now...

    I partly agree that it doesn't quite mix with 'matters of faith and God' for me. But, having said that, I have found the use of nappies to be strangely 'healing' or maybe words like resolving or reconciling might explain it better. Past hurts from young childhood and issues of shame and fear have progressed towards a healthy balance since I at long last indulged this 'need'. I'm undecided about whether my recreational diaper-wearing really can go together with my faith but I'm open-minded about it until I decide what I think.

    I don't wear while with my fiance.

    I don't wear if I am going to be around children. (Not least, if they notice, they'd yell it out! But also it would confuse them which isn't fair and it might give a wrong impression.)

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    Nothing. It should be noted that I don't get the oppritunity to wear much, however. Religion doesn't matter to me. It doesn't comprimise any of my morals (I barely have any actually). If I were to live on my own, I wouldn't hesitate to wear whenever or whereever I feel like. I wouldn't even care much if it were around my own parents/siblings as long as I don't live with them and they can no longer repress me. I would be more careful around children, for the reasons Elli specified.

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    Honestly I will say yes and no.

    I don't really like working outside while diapered... but being 24/7 I don't really have a choice in the matter... unless I want to wet my pants or something.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Anything that involves a lott of exposure to water: swimming, snorkeling, jetskiing, etc.

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    Well for me its not jsut diapers, There are allot of things in my life that just dont mix well. I have a blance that must be taken care of 24/7. I've seen it crash a few times and its kind of ugly. But some people says I live for drama, I dont enjoy online drama so dont worry. But who knows. I could spend all day talking about this

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    I'm gonna have to go ahead and say pretty much everything. Diapers, being very much a sexually charged fetish for me, don't have a big place in my life outside of being just that. Sex doesn't mix with a lot of things. They work for masturbation and other sexual activities.

    As for things they really don't mix with, being what they are to me, I'd say kids, school and work.

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    Yes! Real life. Period.

    It's fine and dandy to wear out in public for the rush or something, especially if it's with another abdl person.... or playing with another abdl person. But friends that I've met outside of diaper world (which is almost all of my friends), family, school, work, EVERYTHING basically... I just can't mix with diapers.

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    I pretty much agree with what Cupcake said in that regard.

    This is an aspect of my life that is specifically private. While it is something that I would share with a person who knows (and that person would need to be able to take a joke about the ridiculousness of the situation as well as me), it doesn't go beyond that. They mix with nothing.

    If they became such a big part of my life that they did, I'd be doing something wrong.

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    Gonna go with the popular answer here. Though I will wear in public on the rare occasion, diapers are reserved for a few hours at night, when I am by myself. I prefer to leave them in my room at all times.

    Though faith is an interesting point- I find it hard to read the Bible or pray while diapered, for the same reasons as Kovy stated.

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