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  • Yes, I wear around family and friends.

    71 45.81%
  • I wear around family.

    24 15.48%
  • I wear around friends.

    12 7.74%
  • Nope, neither.

    39 25.16%
  • Other.

    9 5.81%
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Thread: Do you wear diapers around family or friends?

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    Default Do you wear diapers around family or friends?

    Share any details. I mean wearing under clothes, whether or not they know. Please answer the poll, and comment if you wish.

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    I just don't take risks. I very rarely wear, but I have no reason to complain. I wouldn't want to be padded up much anyway, regardless of how often I could be alone.

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    Yes, around some family and friends but I keep it discreet and ocassional, kind of when I could use the emotional boost.

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    Umm, no I don't, I'm too freaked out to get caught, even though I've been wearing on and off and keep 'em well hidden (I'd freak out if any of my family found out or knew, since only my mom knows). Some of my friends know, and sometimes I'll wear out in public but not around friends, I'll wear in public once in a while if I'm in say a bookstore. I haven't been wearing out in public, since I'm at currently at college and currently don't have a job here (no job = no money). So, all my stuff's at home even if I wanted to.

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    Nope. Not yet, at least.

    I might be around people when I go to college. Folks stop by my dorm.

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    Seriously dude... 3 polls in a row? Give it a rest already.

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    I wear around one friend, he knows that i wear them as he is the person i collect them from, so i normally go around their for a evening and we just chill out on the computer or just chat. I wear under clothes.

    I have worn around my family but this was only on a couple of occasions.

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    I hade to hit "wear around friends", But it was only once lol, I dont like ot wear around anyone really.

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    I have worn around the grandparents (underneath clothing obviously), but they don't know. Never worn around parents, even under clothes.

    Haven't worn in public yet either. Still too shy to try it.

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