View Poll Results: How do you apply baby powder in diaper changes?

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  • By sprinkling it into the diaper before putting it on.

    24 29.63%
  • By rubbing it directly onto the skin before putting the diaper on.

    33 40.74%
  • By sprinkling it into the diaper after putting it on.

    9 11.11%
  • Other.

    15 18.52%
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Thread: To those who use powder...

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    Default To those who use powder...

    How do you apply it? Please answer the poll and share any advice. Thank you.

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    All of the above...
    I'm a heavy wetter :-)

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    I don't use powder all that often.

    I find that it clogs the pores of the diaper and adversely affects absorbancy.

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    Never been able to get it. Then again, I'm lazy, and haven't checked the larger storage cabinets.

    I should really just buy some. But for now, I don't use it.

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    I sprinkle some on, and then pull up the front of the diaper. It works well when I use powder. Hehe.

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    All of the above for me.

    Somewhat so to absorb moisture, but more-so for the baby powder scent.

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    I rub oil in and then rub a light coat of powder. With the oil on first it makes sure that the powder stays on skin and doesn't clog the diaper up and you still get the nice soft skin and reduced risk of rash. Also smell good.

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    I want to use it because it makes me smell more like a baby but i never used it so i didnt vote =\

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