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Thread: furry fanart

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    Default furry fanart

    for those artists out there, feel free to post your masterpieces here :P
    for motivation, il start with a piece of mine. Sorry about the low quality, my camera is my 2 MP cell-phone cam lol
    its of course episode 88 in the VG cats comic strip
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    well I recently drew this :P no one seems to care for it XD to that my sore paw says -flips the bird- lol oh well :3 try try again:

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    I dunno Chaoswolf...that's a pretty damn good piece of work there. I can tell a lot of patience and work went into it. I dig it a lot.

    (The fur had to be killer, huh? )

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    damn good work :P
    *sigh* im doomed to be jus a sketch artist :P

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    I quite like this particular one *nod*
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    Actually the wings were the hardest part XD (feathers) and eh lol same for me really :3 I like doing traditional sketching more then anything but im still considering pulling out the colored pencils and trying to add color and still need to mess with photoshop. Oh and for the pic above me cuuuuuuuuuuute >w<

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    Quote Originally Posted by cannonball88 View Post
    damn good work :P
    *sigh* im doomed to be jus a sketch artist :P
    haha, doomed.
    I cant even draw a straight line with a ruler......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Musickid View Post
    lol cannonball88, FFXI? XD
    whats FFXI??

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    im not sure where I would post a fanart request, so I guess I'll start here!

    Could someone draw a diapered Fievel picture? if anyone doesnt know who that is, ask me and ill send a pic.

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