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Thread: Words For Diaper In Various Languages

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    Default Words For Diaper In Various Languages

    Please list a language and the words for diaper in it, describing the use of the word: does it include diapers in general, or specifically refer to plastic pants, disposables, or cloth? Is it slang or proper? Is it a brand-made-generic (like Hoover, Biro, Kleenex) ? I know "Pamper" now means "diaper" in some Hispanic countries, and Huggies can be a generic, as in "Maggie fudged her Huggies." (Simpsons) I have a feeling "Goodnights" is getting to be a generic meaning the underwear-like diaper for kids, and "Depends" is sometimes used generically for "adult diaper" (among the great unwashed, not among we aficionados.)

    Dictionaries don't help with other than a broad meaning; so I am asking exactly how certain words are used: let's start with pilchers, Windeln, couches culottes, omutsu, and Blöja

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    I put some speculation in the other thread, but I know that "windel" is diaper in German, and the "n" on the end makes it plural.

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    General use of the word, on the packaging of the baby diapers themselves:

    Spanish: Pañal
    French: Couche

    Omutsu is the Japanese word for diaper. And I'm pretty sure it's the general baby diaper term too.

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    I've had to learn a little bit of numerous languages, as a lot of the best ab/dl picture sites are overseas. *grin* I can't think of anything offhand, but when I do I'll be back to this.

    Oh..."album" is the same in English and French. I know that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babibear View Post
    Don't the English call them Nappies?
    Indeed they do. Some more for 'diaper.'

    Italian: pannolino
    Portuguese: fralda

    And such.

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    English: Diaper - Diapers
    Oxford: Nappy - Nappies
    German: Windel - Windeln (VinDell - VinDelln)
    French: Couche - Couches (pronounced coosh or cooshes)

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    British, NZ, and Australian english: Nappies (usually), Diapers (that's what I say, I don't usually like to say nappies).

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    Hebrew: hitool or titool , the hitool announced as some sort of a j or well its a hebrew letter known as "het" lathough you put a litterizing mark on the H to make it sound like it comes from your throat , cant really explain
    you use it in a sentence for example "the baby wet her hitool/titool"
    extra info:
    Hitool = חיתול
    Titool = טיתול I hope that helps ^^

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    I'm not too hot on languages. I know the Makaton sign language action for nappy, but that's hard to type!! It's using two fingers (in the shape when you make a gun with your hand) touching them to your hips, then moving them simultaneously from your hips, further towards your tummy, mimicking the action of tapes.

    Yeah, in the UK we say nappy/nappies. It's widely believed and probably already explained somewhere here that this was originally a derivative of the word 'napkin', a piece of cloth. I've read that 'Diapering' was originally the pattern used to make them from cloth. Later the cloth itself became known as the diaper cloth and then the word 'diaper' continued.

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