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  • Pass-ee (like classy)

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  • Potch-ee (like... botch)

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  • Pass-uh (like class)

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  • Anything else. (Tell me how you pronounce it.)

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Thread: Question about Pronunciation

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    Default Question about Pronunciation

    How do you pronounce "paci?"
    I've always wondered. Myself, I say, "potch-ee."
    But I have a feeling I'm a minority.
    Anyway, any thoughts on this?

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    It's short for pacifier right? I pronounce that 'pass-if-i-er'. So I would say Paci as 'pass-ee'. Having said that, in the UK, they are usually called a dummy or more recently a soother.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post

    Yep, I knew I'd be a weirdo. :P
    I don't know why I say potchee...

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    Top one for paci. But for the whole word, it would be more like pass-uh-fire.

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    Parents I know usually either say the entire word "pacifier" when talking to a fellow adult, or use a word such as "binkie" When I am in Australia I mostly hear "smoother" and in the UK "dummy"

    In my experience the only folks using "paci" either are fellow AB or people attending raves doing "E" and I do not hang with the "E" crowd.

    I have only heard it pronounced as I do "pass-ee"

    Ages ago, shortly before I married in October 1991, I got into what became a heated discussing with a pretentious woman about my age. She was an assistant editor of Penthouse magazine and she dared to correct my pronunciation of "infantilist" She never did explain what gave her expertise on the subject. She was holding a copy of the current DPF newsletter with several pictures of me so she had to know my connection.

    For sure, the word "infantilist" never was used during my pre-law of law school classes, but by the time of this argument I knew a lot of shrinks and other medical professionals dealing with infantilism. There are at least two ways to pronounce the word and neither is less correct than the other.

    The same is true for many other medical technical terms. My sister-in-law the psychiatrist says she can always tell where another physician went to med school by the way terms are pronounced.

    It is not as important that we pronounce paci a certain way as that we find comfort using our pacifiers/binkies/soothers/dummies!

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    Quote Originally Posted by angelabauer View Post
    It is not as important that we pronounce paci a certain way as that we find comfort using our pacifiers/binkies/soothers/dummies!
    Very true! Good point.

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    I read it as "pass-ee" but I don't ever say it. In my house and family, we call it a Ninny... I don't really know why. Other than that, I call it a soother.

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