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Thread: D-Day

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    Today, 65 years ago, thousands of American, Canadian, and British troops stormed the towns, hedgerows, and beaches of occupied Normandy. They began the Liberation of Europe. Young men, not much unlike some of you, faced other young men in deadly combat with the fate of the world at stake. They died by the thousand on that day. But their sacrifice brought liberation for millions.

    So today, on the 65th Anniversary of the invasion of Europe, thank a veteran of World War II. Their selfless acts enable us to live in the free state that we have now. We throw the word Hero around a lot these days, but they are truly Heroes.

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    Also 25 years ago tetris was invented

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    Operation Overlord Marked The Beginning Of The End Of The Second World War. Here's To The Men That Died To Get There.

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    june 6 1944 was 65 years ago

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    Quote Originally Posted by stonemask55 View Post
    june 6 1944 was 65 years ago
    I can't count today

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    It really is sad that so many people had to die wither it be in contraction camps or fighting to save and free everyone from the axis powers. What's even more sad is the people from the Italian, German and Japanese army's who were just there to protect their countries but did not believe in what Hitler and the axis were trying to do. They were always lumped in with the rest of the Jewish/African hating Nazis and might remain so for years to come.

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    There were Japanese at Normandy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by soren456 View Post
    There were Japanese at Normandy?
    No I dont think so, but if I remember they did join the fight later on, it asnt a 1 day fight

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffy View Post
    Also 25 years ago tetris was invented
    Check out the Google header on their site today ... pretty cool Tetris design ...

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    The Soviets pushed the Germans back towards Berlin way earlier than D-Day, so for me, the Russians began the liberation.

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