View Poll Results: How should we treat pedophiles who molest children?

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  • The death penalty.

    30 24.00%
  • Life in prison.

    37 29.60%
  • A long prison sentence.

    22 17.60%
  • Other.

    25 20.00%
  • I'm unsure.

    11 8.80%
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Thread: Pedophiles (Poll #2)

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    Default Pedophiles (Poll #2)

    How should we treat pedophiles [B]that molest a child or children[/B?
    I'm for life in prison. The poll is private to protect the innocent.

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    Death penaly and life in prison, both are very extreme, as in prison even the most attrotious criminals change, unless of course they are suffering from an extreme mental condition, where there are sent to mental hospitals.

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    I think the eniter system Messed Up, It may seems out there to some, But I dont see people like this, and a few other things like murder and rape, Even should be allowed a trail, Just take them out back 1 bullet, and let the body rot.

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    That's a toughie, I'd say. I voted "I'm Unsure" because really, I'm unsure of what the punishment should be. I think the death penalty is going a little over the top. Life imprisonment does so much more than simply killing them, a more intense sentence in my opinion (that is, assuming there is no chance for parole). Maybe we should send them to a forced labor camp where they mine ore or some other backbreaking form of work... Hell if I know, this is a hard subject to deal with.

    Molesting children is quite the heinous of crimes of course, though I don't think that a cookie-cutter response can be given here. What exactly did the pedophile do? Did they rape the child? Did they expose themselves to the child? Lewd pictures? Produce child pornography?

    I think that a sentence should be delivered depending on the nature of the offense. Justice can be arbitrary, but that doesn't mean it can't be situational.
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    I said I'm unsure. It varies from case to case. Some are more able to be rehabilitated than others. If they're repentant and want to change, sure. Go that route. If they're brazen, maybe a long stint in prison and/or execution would be good for them.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I'd want life in prison and no parole for child molesters. I'm against the death penalty, but I'm not against removing pathogens from society.
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    Many nations do not have a death penalty or if they do it is only used for murder. The USA Supreme Court has ruled that the death penalty cannot be applied to rapists of children, unless the child was also murdered.

    So, let us get passed death penalty.

    Molestation, abuse and exploitation of minor children is a major problem all over the world, not just in Hollywood, California USA! All this is complicated because where does stat rape and date rape fit into all this? If the victim is near the age of consent is this crime still molestation? Even if the defendant is found guilty assuming the victim is past puberty, is the defendant a pedophile?

    General pedophilia is a mental health term and not used in statute law. Often the penalties set by law for child molesters are harsh, but nothing compared to the treatment of child abusers within the prison system. That is probably the worst "jacket" or reputation a prisoner can have.

    Of course every case must be considered separately. The jury must presume the defendant not guilty until the contrary is proven after a trial and deliberation within the USA. In the USA if a defendant decides on a bench trial by a judge without a jury the judge must presume not guilty until all the evidence is presented. If there is a guilty verdict then there will be a pre-sentencing probation report generated. Depending on jurisdiction the judge might have some choices of sentence, but not always. Usually repeat offenders are not allowed probation.

    In my opinion despite tight budgets and crowded prisons, I favor long terms for child molesters and convicted rapists. So far I remain unconvinced any system of treatment or therapy reduces recidivism by sexual predators. At least while in prison such people are not attacking innocent children.

    Are there molesters who can be treated? There have been claims about that in popular literature, but not in peer-reviewed professional publications. Some of the mental health professionals I know in person are very liberal and yet none has ever tried to convince me there is a way to tell which sexual predator can safely be released from custody.

    Please remember even when we use terms such as "sexual predator" most of the time that is a crime all about power, not sex. Thus such measures as castration do not reduce recidivism.

    There is also a wise old saying "If you can't do the time don't do the crime!" To me this totally applies to sexual preditors and other child abusers.

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    Article 102
    [Abolition of capital punishment]
    Capital punishment is abolished.

    So by German law, death penalty isn't possible (in fact, the EU will not consider a country for membership that still has the death penalty on the books).

    The maximum penalty for sexual child abuse is 10 years in prison, with a minimum of 6 months.
    However, should psychologists come to the conclusion that a convicted child molester poses an immediate thread to children in case they are released, a court can order something that is best translated as "Preventive detention"...i.e. the child molestor remains in prison even though they have served their sentence.

    Personally, I find the laws suitable the way they are. Life in prison is harsh a punishment compared who someone to took someone's life (as they get life in prison and are usually released after 15 years). The best option is to 'cure' the molestor in a way that would prevent them from any further attempts to abuse any child, or anyone at all. And those who are uncurable will remain in jail.


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    A prison sentence or life in prison if there are many victims or something.

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