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Thread: Cheek pinching

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    Default Cheek pinching

    This is something I've very rarely heard *B's talk about...and I know it's not necessarily *Bish, but it kind of is and I know personally for me it can be related to those feelings.

    So basically...does anyone else ever get a *B kick out of having your cheeks pinched (not hard of the cute way).

    I think the problem for me is that in all of my memories as a kid, it was an irritating and embarrassing situation for me. When old female relatives do it to you when you're five years old and tell you how much you've grown, it's really hard to find it enjoyable in any way.

    However, under the right circumstances I think it can give you one of those neat thrilling *B vibes. I don't remember the details, but one time I did something one of my female friends found cute and she pinched my cheek and said "Aww, you're so cute." And while I did feel a little awkward, part of me was bursting inside with excitement.

    And I can't deny...even though it's embarrassing to admit, a small fantasy of mine would be for a bunch of pretty girls to find out that I still sleep with my teddy and they would all surround me, pinch my cheeks and go "Awwww!"

    So am I totally alone here or can anyone else relate?

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    yeah that would bring me back alot, I never thought bout it till now thanks :\

    awwwww :\

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    I'm 29, first off, but also 6'0," 260 pounds with a shaved head and a goatee.

    That's not exactly "inviting" for the ol' cheek pinch, you know?

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    I like it a little bit but not really. If I was roleplaying with someone who was my "grandmah" or something similer to that then I would want that, but I think it would be a no with regular people.

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    I personally never liked crap like that ever. I don't even know why people do it, I don't really recall it happening to me but if anyone did it to me I would take it as a sign they want to fight.

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    There's this girl I sit next to in my biology class who's pinched my cheek a couple of times. It's actually quite shocking, because no one usually talks to me, or really interacts with me. Anyway, I love it when she does that, even though I usually make myself look like an idiot (seriously, how do you respond to a cheek-pinch?).

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    My aunt did this to me a few months ago just to tease me. EXTREMELY IRRITATING would be a good way to describe my feelings about it. NOT PLEASANT AT ALL is also a good and polite term. The only way I would enjoy it would be if Samantha Bradley did it to me. Not that anyone here knows her, hopefully. But I can hope............

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    I could see where some people could find it an enjoyable experience. I would personally find it quite irritable and annoying, but that is just me : P

    - Asher

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    My grandmother did that to me when I was young. Suffice it to say, I do not remember it fondly.

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    Playful taps to the tip of your nose sound more cute & a little more babyish to me!!

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