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Thread: GM Reinvention Commercial Parody

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    Talking GM Reinvention Commercial Parody

    YouTube - GM Reinvention Commercial (SPOOF)

    This is a spoof of GM's Reinvention video which highlights what they're doing.

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    haha...that's not really funny so much as it is hurtful and true.

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    That was hilarious. As much as I would enjoy seeing the big 3 American Auto manufacturers remain in business and be profitable, GM needs to seriously improve its car line and business model before we sink much more money into it. It would be a shame to see it become as profitable as AMTRAK or The Postal Service. It was the largest in the world until not too long ago.

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    It's funny because it's true!

    But really, I am likely to believe this one more then the real ad. I seen both and at least this one is actually honest. I don't think GM is a bad/evil company, they are just a company that failed, but they should be allowed to fail like anything and everything else. Even Rome failed and at some point even U.S. will fail and cease to exist just as with everything else in life.

    People are to scared to see what will happen if we let things fail, they are afraid to see... progress. We can learn a lot more from our failures then from our own success.

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    Butterfly Mage


    It's pretty much on the money!

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    I don't like seeing 'american' born products die, but they've been crapping out higher priced shoddy cars for a decade or two. It's not like they didn't have time to change their buisness practices.
    Even the interior of their luxury cars are slathered in plastics that look and feel cheap.

    When I first saw the (real) commercial I was thinking 'is this the best they can come up with?'

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