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Thread: Your Views on Sex

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    Post Your Views on Sex

    So, what are your views on sex?

    Personally, I want to wait until Marriage to have consensual sex. There are too many STDs around these days to be casual about it. Also, it's a great gift to give to your husband/wife. Virginity is something sacred in my eyes, and to give it away is a huge thing, and should be saved for someone special.

    Although I think that, I really don't see anything terrible about a little bit of fun.

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    If a couple decides they should have sex, then by all means, let them have sex.

    But be safe. Wear a condom.

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    I think its a lot different for for guys than girls(virginity).

    I don't really have an opion for or against it when it happen it happens. ill cross the bridge when i come to it.

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    AS long as over 18 and it's not fing around like some prostitute. If not married condoms all the way.

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    I never had any sentiments whatsoever about my virginity. I've never regretted losing it. Like genbaby said, you just have to be safe. I don't really see any point in waiting until marriage, especially since I'm not sure I'll ever get married.

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    I sometimes want it, but I always worry about it. The STD's, the fear the person will leave me...just very scary stuff!

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    indiferent. i don't think or care about it, but i hope i do when i get married. i don't want my marrage to end over a petty reason like sex life.

    but i do know enough about it to make horribly rude jokes at perfect moments.

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    Honestly, I don't look at too many things from a moral standpoint anymore, if two people want to have some fun, as long as you're safe about it, by all means, go for it.
    The only object marriage is to me is a contract by the government, not a 'O.K. you can have sex now deal.'
    But I look at things from a less moral and more liberal viewpoint, so my opinions are a little bit more relaxed then others.

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    Is nice mmmmmmm buttsecks

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