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Thread: Reusable Pull on diaper

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    Default Reusable Pull on diaper

    I been looking for a good pull on style diaper, something like cloth gerber training pants. The thicker the better!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustInCase View Post
    I been looking for a good pull on style diaper, something like cloth gerber training pants. The thicker the better!
    Try YuYun I've heard nothing but great things about em. Though, they take a lil bit to get here, they're really comfy! (Jus make sure if you order from them, you check that you DO/DON'T need plastic pants. It'll tell you somewhere on the item's page.) ^_^ There's also FetWare. If I find/remember any more, I'll append them to this post. Good hunting! :waving:

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    I ordered stuff from Fetware before. It took a while to get it, but it was really nice high-quality stuff. So it's a trade. I'd order from them again, just not for a time-sensitive item. Six weeks is a little excessive, but...that was seven years ago, and the stuff is still in fine condition. So there you go.

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    If i was going ot oder online it would be with Fetware, They seem to have a good slection, and it looks fairly priced

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    Solution Series All In One Diaper

    I can't speak to the YunYun or the FetWare products, but I personally use Angel Fluff and find them to be excellent. I've not used this particular product I do own several other products, including plastic pants and cloth diapers. The quality is excellent.

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    Thanks for all the feedback!
    I think I'm gonna go with the fetware products since they are so well known in the community and they look like they are well constructed.

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    Virtually all makers of custom cloth diapers offer pull-ons.

    Because it is so frustrating and expensive to do fancy sewing of gauze or Birdseye cotton, most contour and pull-ups are made from flannel. If you like that, swell. If you prefer gauze diapers, good luck finding pull-ups.

    I have read about people who sew a piece of wide elastic to one end of gauze diapers to help hold them snug as they stretch while wet. I suppose if there was enough waist elastic you could fasten the sides to make a pull-on. I have never seen something like that offered commercially.

    Babykins has been selling both infant and adult cloth diaper pull-ons for decades.

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    I was going to recommend Babykins too Angela. Best resource for pullon's

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    I have an excellent pull-on cloth diaper from Fetware (plastic-pants and rubber pants resource for adults who wear cloth or disposable diapers.). They are a bit pricey, but are very durable and very nice.

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    I also recommend Babykins. Their pull on cloth diapers are very thick and absorbent. I have some and use them every night and they work out great. They are a bit pricey but darn well worth it. And most of all good luck in your choice JustInCase.

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