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Thread: Do you have a set Bed Time

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    Default Do you have a set Bed Time

    For those of you living at home, I have always wondered (mainly because I would always compare my bed time to others).

    Do you have a set bed time?

    I did if I really made my dad mad. If I really pissed him off it would be around 10:30 or 11:00 depending on homework load/work schedule. Granted, towards the end of my senior year of school it was moot because I was often closing at work.

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    When I was in school I was usually in bed between 9:45 and 10, and then i'd be up at 3:00am on ADISC

    Now that i'm out of school and not working at the moment i'm usually out between 11 and 12:30.

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    Nope. I don't have a set bedtime. >.< If I am sluggish and tired the next day because I stayed up all night, then that's my issue. When I was in school, i was in bed between 10 and 11. now, I base it on my work schedule. if I work at 7am, I'll be in bed at 9 or 10, if I work at 3pm, I'll go to bed at 2 or 3am.

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    I used to when i was younger, I cant remember what is was, my mom worked overnights so she would go to work, an I stayed up

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    I wouldn't say I have a set bed time, but I normally go to bed around 9:30 - 10:00 when I can. Nights I'm working it can range from midnight to 2 AM. Its better to be consistent in the long run, but sometimes that's just really hard to do ; )

    - Asher

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    I do...around 1...if i stay up later then 1...the next day i get spaced out and pissy

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    No, I don't have a set bedtime. I try to go to bed between 11 PM-12 AM on school nights, but sometimes I'll be up until 1 because I'm addicted to the computer. On weekends, I'll usually go to bed at any time between 12 AM-3 AM.

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    When I was younger it was around 10-10:30, now that I have to work shift work it all depends on what I'm working. If I have to be at work at 7am then I try to be in bed by 11pm. If I have to work at 7pm then I usually am in bed by 9am or so

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    Anywhere between 4-5am, unless any of my few carers says otherwise.

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